Courtney's Jewish Problem

So says Courtney Love about her late husband Kurt Cobain in Kevin Sessums’s
penetrating profile (“Her white breasts, like great cakes of soap, bob
about in front of me”) in the June Vanity Fair. Love confesses to a “weird
Michael Douglas fetish…He’s older. Jewish…” and discusses Kurt’s Christ
fixation and her future home gardening plans (“I’ve got some wonderful
poppies and poppy bulbs”). Later Love’s mother, Linda Carrol, an Oregon
therapist, recalls Love’s tragic Brownie-washout youth, a ceaseless
onslaught of trauma and humiliation which Love defied by setting off on her
epic international quest for danger and adoration, “supported by a small
trust fund from her maternal grandmother.” Love calls Sessums by his first
name and mentions a part of his genitalia, and a charmed Sessums responds
with some grandiose prose poetry based loosely on a Hole show that would
make Lester Bangs roll over and pop a ‘lude in his grave.

There are, however, some important lessons to be gleaned from the article.
Number one, if you’re confused about the scope of your sexuality, don’t
expect one night with Michael Stipe to clear it all up for you. Number
two, don’t have sex with Trent Reznor, but if you do, don’t read Simone de
Beauvoir beforehand. Number three, don’t be surprised to learn that rock
stars treat their children to the same asinine head games and Disney
Kulture that regular people do. Hole may or may not kick ass but Love will
never kick her worst habit, herself, nor will we ever stop kicking
ourselves for letting Jesus die twice. Well, maybe Michael Douglas will.

— S.L. (May, 1995)

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