Although this paragraph explicitly talks about the need to help birth the
Third Wave, it is constructed in a fashion to repeatedly imply that this
transition is inevitable. Indeed, this view in the Magna Carta is as
ruthlessly deterministic as any ever put forward by a Marxist propaganda

Even the label “Third Wave” propels this imagery. The noun suggests the
sweeping away or inundating of all potential opposition to a new hegemony;
the adjective is more obvious–if there has been a first and a second, then
clearly the third will be next. But, we are told, “leaders” do have a
“special responsibility” to ease this transformation. The implied message to
any would-be leaders is that you can get extra credit (and political power)
by joining forces with the inevitable. This paragraph also suggests to
“leaders” that by undertaking to “explain the transition” they can also
fulfill their special responsibilities. Here is one of the portions of the
document which suggest its essential class nature. Those of us in the elites
(the “Illuminati”) need only get on the train before it leaves the station,
but the great unwashed must be led and persuaded. (The unarticulated factor
here is, of course, that large numbers of them are likely to be screwed over
by the transition; undoubtedly a part of the necessary “explanations” will
have to be about sanctions which will be applied to those who don’t acquiesce
and go along–sanctions which may be as benign as not having your mail
delivered promptly if you don’t use the additional four digits of your zip
code, to the denial of a driving license in those states
which–legally–require residents to divulge their social security number in
order to get such a card, to those who would be subjected to criminal
sanctions for posting “indecent” material on the Internet under the current
bill S.314.)

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