I was intrigued, really, by how similarly Michael and Carolyn fielded the
slo-mo question; how both then reflexively brought in Wim Wenders —
precisely the sort of convergence I like, that tells me “Something’s going
on here.” And indeed, putting my own thoughts into slo-mo, going back to
something I’d half-thinkingly whizzed over, I began to take their point.
Not only that Benjamin might have been right and the mass of us wrong
(though how can what is ever be wrong?), but also that the game is still
very much on and in the slightly longer turn he may have been prescient.
Certainly it strikes me that our acceleration curve (culturally, privately)
has to top off at some point, and that future shock might kick in the retro
engines and start us looking carefully again at all the things we’ve been
rushing past.

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