The political agenda here is obviously to wrest away the
information technology issue from the administration and claim it
for Republicans. In Republican hands, cyberspace becomes the ideal
platform for values Mr. Gingrich espouses: more capitalism and
competition, less government. Criticizing the “information
superhighway” serves another purpose as well. It reinforces the
illusion that the materialities of race and ethnicity will melt into
thin air, disappearing into the etheral realm of Third Wave society.
The document almost completely fails to address questions of access,
equity, and materiality. Who will have the money to buy PCs and
connect to networks, and who will not? Who will make money off
Third Wave entrepeneurship, and who will be reduced through
“de-skilling” to low-wage dead-end jobs, or no jobs at all? In view
of these questions, the claim that the Third Wave will turn away
from a “materialist’s obsession with energy, money, and control” is
ironic indeed.

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