Once again Bob thrusts to the heart of the matter. What is our will in a
medium of ways? Obviously I agree with him when he says that “the
hypertext revolution…will be stillborn if not part of a much larger
revolution against the class relations currently in place.” I said as much
myself in my own response to this question.

Carolyn says as much in her cry for what could be different:

“Our social model of Dominance shapes everything we do. So hued is our
thinking and behavior that we rarely see it for what it is, let alone how
it could be different. ”

This is what the interactive cinema artist, Graham Weinbren, calls the
“subjunctive relationship ” which interactive media elicit in us “subjunctive
in the sense that the viewer is constantly aware that things could have
been otherwise
.” It is also what causes me to differ (quibbling over a
single phrase) with Bob when he says, “the character of the hypertext
revolution will be different from what we expect now in ways we can’t
even imagine.” I believe it will be different in ways we can only imagine.

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