Broadly Multifarious and Completely Partial

Of course I have not seen every web-based hyperfiction. Nor are all the fictions I have seen on this list. Rather, these are some I don’t mind recommending for one reason or another. I have a long list of works I still have to get to, and will gladly add titles/sites that anyone wants to suggest. [email protected]

See the List of Lists here for help in finding lots more fictions not on this list.

The Book of Endings
by Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Writing style clipped, straightforward. Interesting, slightly mysterious linking scheme, perhaps related to Pad++ Zoom Interface for which it is also being designed. Reader is encouraged to follow threads through characters as well as named links (URL at bottom of Netscape) such as: letter, suitcase, ink, easel, quilt, cotton, next day, Indiana. Interesting and traditionally artsy graphical images.

by Douglas Cooper
http://www.pathfinder.com/@@3uYwU8B3UQMAQLAp/twep/Features/Delirium/DelTitle.h tml

Nice, readable prose, minimally linked, with slick, overdesigned graphics which take too long to load, and an interface still in process which keeps bombing the computer. There are ads for the publisher as part of the interface.

Girl Birth Water Death
by Martha Conway

Sensitive probing of childhood traumatic events, well enough written, but accumulates to monotone somehow. Beautifully cyclic and loopy, this is one of the better examples of working within Web constraints. In truth, this fiction begs for a fuller hypertextual form. I’d like to see it on disk.

HEGIRASCOPE By Stuart Moulthrop http://raven.ubalt.edu/Moulthrop/hypertexts/HGS/Hegirascope.html

First web fiction by this well-known hypertext author. A narrative experiment using Netscape dynamic processing (the curious “push-pull”). Fun, like sitting dazed in front of a Jenny Holzer display that doesn’t repeat itself very much. Available links for reader choices will interrupt the “dynamic” part for the space of a screen. Writing style is the familiar Moulthrop social concerns masquerading as intellectual cynicism (you aren’t fooling me).

by Rick Pryll

In front matter, author states his interest in form over function which can be seen in the deceptively simple structural appearance. Play with it and pick up the designed-in permutations (or did I imagine that. . . ?). Graphic design of the screens is stylish to look at but not easy to read.

by Judy Malloy

Another well-known hypertext author who has been working with fiction on the Internet for several years. This work has enough text links in it, that as I moved from screen to screen, I found myself reading down through all the colored links before reading the text itself. As if the blue words were their own text, poems maybe. A man and a woman, Arizona, a hand, an unmistakable old song, electronic mail, a saguaro cactus rising crookedly from the sand.

The Lung Prophet
by Harry Goldstein

Minimally linked text, in a writing style I’ve identified as Young Hip Male (there are women who write this way too). Link destinations are numbered, not named. Unfortunately, the server is busy here very often. Would have liked to visit this one a little more.

by Michael Shumate

Not hypertext at all, but a 4-part posting of a print story. I like the writing, would like to see it in print, where it would probably be most effective. However, if it were converted to fully linked HT, the interstitial lines might be something fun to play with.

No Bird but an Invisible Thing
by Christian T. S. Crumlish

Woven strands of story, related and not, much reflection, and a casual, conversational style, but the big themes bring weight and emphasize the tendency to intimation, suggestion. Structure is much more sinuous than others I’ve seen. Evocative lines of text, all linked to further text, then inside the further text, some of the same blue lines embedded. Possible to follow specific threads by watching the URL. But the design of the overlap and mixture is good, and indicated strongly by the author in the text. No graphics that I could find so far, not even the requisite Title Screen.

rich madman skywrites over Disney World by Mike Sugarbaker http://sitcom.vassar.edu/~misuba/WDW/

Writing here is fairly good, especially given its rite-of-passage aura. I like the Disney-colored backgrounds, a good design choice, simple and effective.


E-Ville Dialogues
Shana Fisher

The author/coordinator calls this very large work “a multi-meta layered. . . study of mediated thought processes.” Philosophy in guise of fiction or fantasy, or maybe a Clue game. A lot of it.
I will be returning.

Hypertext Hotel
Tom Meyer

Created by Tom Meyer using a Storyspace filter for the existing Hotel document at Brown University, and originally established as a collaborative hypertext writing MOO with two supplemental wings, WAX: the discovery of television among the bees, and HiPitched Voices.
Visitors to this page can telnet directly to the the MOO to add to the ongoing projects there. The Web page is supported dynamically by the MOO.

WAX: One of the largest narrative databases on the Internet, this is a collaborative site where users can add to the hypermedia version of David Blair’s original video of the same name. Well worth a visit. Full of Blair’s quirky genius. If you liked the video, stop by this site. http://bug.village.virginia.edu/

HiPitched Voices: Created by some of the members of the HiPitched Voices women’s hypertext collective, this, too, is a collaborative site open to everyone. Very eclectic.

My Name is Scibe
Judy Malloy et al

A collaborative work which formed during Malloy’s recovery from a serious bicycle/car accident (she was on the bike). Very pastichey and interesting to browse around in. Some recognizable Malloy-style autobio entries. Links are simple: Forward, Backward, Link, or Rewind.

run on, run along
Nancy Lin and Susan Schweitzer

For sheer innovation, this one has run way out in front of everything else I’ve seen. All text scrolls horizontally across the screen in one long, long line. The text links take you back and forth between the two authors’ sites on the web. Only recently begun, so not very sizable yet, but keep watching. And be sure to note the way the title of each segment comes in (at least on Netscape).

Stories From Downtown Anywhere
Charles Deemer

This attempt at collaborative, interactive fiction is a very simplistic, highly constructed approach which may be helpful for potential contributors who have never come across such an idea before.


List of Lists

Eastgate Systems

Look here for the widest selection of disk-based fictions (for sale – this is the publisher). Also samples of disk-based HTs, and lots of other news, resources, and updates. Very useful site for anyone interested in hypertext.


Prettily designed, minimally linked, and not that much there.

Michael Shumate

Useful resource with high standards set by Shumate who refuses to post anything on the list he hasn’t personally checked and found to meet those standards.

Hypertext and Literary Things
Kia Mennie

Nicely designed page, easy to use, probably the best of these for the broad range it covers. Lots of different kinds of information related to the subject, including the archives for the popular email list ht_lit.

Postmodern Theory, Culture Studies and Hypertext
Tom Goldpaugh

Very casual and personal listing with emphasis on Hypertext and PoMo Theory. Includes: Hypertext Theory and Sites, Hypertext Fiction and Projects, Postmodern, Cyber and Culture Studies.

The search for some hypertext fiction
Prentiss Riddle

Good solid resource. Also, Riddle likes to take the “Doubter’s Voice” toward hypertext fiction and gives a further list of others who do the same.

The Voice of the Shuttle
Alan Liu
Home Page: http://humanitas.ucsb.edu/humanitas_home.html
Technology of Writing Page: http://humanitas.ucsb.edu/shuttle/techwrit.html

Incredible resource for serious research on this subject and many others. Located at U of CA, Santa Barbara. Try the home page first to get the real breadth of the idea. Don’t forget to read the myth behind the title of this site.

Yahoo Electronic Literature
A few things here I didn’t find elsewhere, but overall not as good a resource for hypertext as the lists which are devoted solely to the subject.

Yale American Studies: Lit & HT
David Phillips

Exactly the academic list one would expect. Very broad listing with scholarly emphasis.

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