Unofficial translation of the letter from Guayami General Council to U.S.

Mr. Ron Brown
U.S. Secretary of Commerce
U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, DC

Mr. Brown,

Regarding the claim for the Guaymi patent, which has been given publication number WD9208784 AI (May 29, 1992), application number US 9108455 dated November 14, 1991, titled HUMAN LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS TYPE 2 FROM GUAYMI INDIANS IN PANAMA, with priority application number US 612, 707, I request in the name of the Guaymi People that you withdraw your application on the grounds that it has been made without consultation with our community, its traditional organization (General Congress), or its corresponding administrative authorities, who thus remain unaware of any benefits which might accrue to the Guaymi People as a result of the research described.

Furthermore, we argue that this is not an invention, but rather the discovery of an antibody which is part of the blood of the Guaymi woman.

I look forward to learning what benefits will accrue to the Guaymi People as a result of your claim.

Yours Sincerely,


Isidro Acosta G.

President of the General Congress
Ngobe-Bugle (Guaymi)

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