Comment by John Perry Barlow

KleimanI have plenty of empathy for my human opponents, of whom you are one,
 Mark, but I have little empathy either for your culture or the institutions
 you have created to serve it. I am very angry and one of few fearless
 enough to express that anger publicly.

 America now jails more people than does the People’s Republic of China, a
 notorious police state with 5 times our population. Over 70 percent of
 these are there on drug charges, many of them with no other convictions. I
 have a friend who is serving 40 years without possibility of parole for
 distributing the religious sacrament of his community. It was his first
 offense of any sort.

 It is hard to feel empathy for oppression of that ferocity. Assuming you
 are, on a personal level, consciously motivated by a desire to prevent
 suffering – and I believe you are – there is nothing you could be
Kleimanpreventing that would be equalled by the suffering your policies have
 caused and are causing.

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