Welcome to FeedMag.com – we’re so glad that you’re here! Feed Mag was created to demystify the automotive world and provide simple answers to common vehicle maintenance, auto repair, and everything car-related questions.

Our team collectively has over 80 years of automotive experience covering everything from cars, trucks, SUVs, and more!

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The Goal of FeedMag

Our goal is to share automotive advice in the form of guides, reviews, and how-to style articles, and help you keep your car in prime condition with our collection of expert tips on vehicle maintenance, auto repair, and troubleshooting.

The main inspiration for the site was the sheer lack of actionable advice shared on other websites. To be frank, most other automotive “resources” kinda suck. Either the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about or they’re incentivized to have an opinion.

FeedMag.com is different in that we actually have hands-on experience in the diagnosis and repair of our own vehicles. We’ve used a number of the products we recommend and we aren’t sponsored by a 3rd party.

Automotive Categories We Cover:

  • Car Talk – Everything motor and electric vehicles related, pickups, etc.. will be found here

  • Mechanic Talk – General repair guide, car tune-ups, diagnostics, alignment, smog checks, brake repair, etc.. look here

  • Maintenance – Tips on maintaining your car or recommended products for your car can be located here

  • Diagnostics –  Have an issue with your car and want to get to the bottom of it, look here

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