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Alexa Bliss's Net Worth

Alexa Bliss made and continues to make her wealth through wrestling. The WWE superstar is currently associated with WWE and has a contract with them.

Alexa joined WWE in 2013 and was designated as part of the performance centre. Alexa is also connected to NXT, the development brand.

What Is Alexa Bliss’ Net Worth

As of 2023, the American professional wrestler has a net worth of $2.6 million. Her primary source of wealth is wrestling.

Apart from earning from wrestling opponents, she also earns from contracts and salaries. Alexa Bliss makes money from the development brand NXT.

Do you want to learn more about the American professional wrestler Alexa Bliss? This post will showcase everything about her: her annual income, early life, personal life, career, achievements, and awards.

Alexa Bliss Annual Net Worth

Alexa Bliss has been very consistent regarding her annual net worth. She has continued to grow her net worth annually, and there are clear signs that she will continue to make more.

Alexa Bliss began earning as a professional wrestler in 2013. Since then, her annual net worth began from $400k. A year later, she had an annual net worth of $600k. In 2019, she joined other wrestlers like Summer Rae to earn millions.

While her salary and bonuses continue to come in, she recorded an annual earning of $1 million. From 2021 to 2023, she now has a net worth of $2.6 million

How Did Alexa Bliss Get Rich?

Alexa Bliss continued earning a decent salary and bonuses from her contract. The 31-year-old got rich primarily from her WWE and NXT salary, earnings, and contract bonuses.

Alexa Bliss current net worth of $2.6 million began from her salary of $300,000 when she signed her WWE contract. The female wrestler also made money from being part of the WWE series games. She also made money from TV shows such as WWE Friday Night, WWW NXT, and WWE Total Divas.


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Later, her salary increased to $350k, which added to her wealth. As of 2022, the wrestling diva has a salary of $500,000 which has helped to build her net worth more. Alexa Bliss got richer with her 5% pay-per-view and 2% merchandise.

Alexa Bliss revealed that her current contract will expire around March 2024. She is expected to earn about $5 million until her contract expires next year.

Moreover, she makes money from other endorsements with WWE and the NXT brand.

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Alexa Bliss was born on August 9, 1991. The 31-year-old grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Alexa Bliss was born into a Christian family, so she’s practicing the same faith.

Her father’s name is Bob Kaufman, and her mother’s name is Angela Kaufman. Her parents gave birth to her in high school as a teenager.

The American has been an avid sports lover since age five. She started participating in different sporting activities since then.

Alexa was mainly interested in participating in kickboxing. She also loves other sports, including track, softball, and gymnastics.

Full Name/Real Name Alexa Cabrera Kaufman
Nick Name/Stage Name Alexa Bliss
Birth Place Columbus, Ohio, United States
Birthday August 9, 1991
Zodiac Sign Leo
How old 31 years
Weight 122 lb
Height 155 cm
Marital Status Married
Husband Ryan Cabrera
Boyfriend N/A
Parent’s Name
Father Bob Kaufman
Mother Angela Kaufman
Children’s Name N/A
Brother N/A
Sister N/A
College The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Profession Wrestler
Social Media Accounts
Instagram Visit Here
Facebook Visit Here
Twitter Visit Here
TikTok Visit Here
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Career And Awards

Like other female WWE superstars like Rey Mysterio, Alexa Bliss is a famous female wrestler with contracts with WWE. Alexa joined WWE after signing a contract in May 2013. However, she worked with the WWE Performance Center and developmental brand NXT in Orlando, Florida. Mike Quackenbush trained Alexa Bliss for a longer time.

Alexa Bliss, while growing up, suffered from a life-threatening eating disorder. Thanks to competitive bodybuilding, which brought her back to her feet.

After spending time with WWE Performance Center, the 31-year-old finally found her way to the SmackDown brand. While Alexa was with this brand, she quickly discovered her ground and found her way to the SmackDown brand.

After some time at SmackDown, Alexa Bliss became the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She also became the first competitor to hold the title twice.

YouTube video

In April 2017, Alexa Bliss was transferred to Raw and won the Raw Women’s Championship the same month as her Raw debut. Alexa was also the first woman to win the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles in WWE.

In February 2018, the Columbus-raised wrestler won the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. Alexa also won the 2018 Money in the Bank ladder match.


Alexa Bliss has enjoyed a successful career both within and outside the ring. Alexa Bliss ranked second among Women’s Triple Crown Champions.

Alexa has six championships in WWE, among some of her notable awards. Alexa is one of the most decorated female wrestlers in WWE history. She also won the SmackDown women’s Championship three times, including a few of her awards.

Investments And Endorsements

Although there is no major endorsement or exclusive partnership deal to the female wrestler’s name, her WWE merchandise sales contributed significantly to her endorsements.

Personal Life

As of the time of compiling this report, Alexa Bliss is married. However, she once dated Buddy Murphy, a WWE wrestler. Alexa Bliss lived together with Murphy for some time before rumours had it that the lovers were no longer dating due to personal reasons.


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Alexa had confirmed the rumour to be accurate as the wrestler is now engaged and married to a songwriter, Ryan Cabrera. The two love birds made their love story public when they shared it in the news in the second half of 2020. Alexa is currently married to Ryan Cabrera.

Alexa got married to Ryan Cabrera on April 9, 2023. The loved birds tied the knot in California’s Palm Desert.


1. Is Alexa Bliss double-jointed?

Many people think Alexa has double joints due to her moves while in action. Indeed, the 31-year-old has hypermobility.

This feature allows Alexa Bliss to stretch her joints strangely, even beyond the normal range.

2. Is Alexa Bliss on a WWE Break?

The WWE superstar is on a break from WWE TV. Alexa’s last appearance was in 2023 in a Royal Rumble match against Bianca Belair.

Alexa lost the fight to her opponent to retain her WWE RAW Women title.

3. Did Alexa Bliss have surgery?

Alexa Bliss had suffered a skin cancer surgery that left scars on her face.

31-year-old Alexa informed her fans and followers that she had gone for a procedure for cancer removal.

4. Did WWE release Alexa Bliss?

Yes. Alexa admitted she’s no longer partnering with WWE and believes she made the best decision.

Alexa also stated that she loves each moment she spends with WWE and the time spent working together.

5. Why is Alexa Bliss not in Royal Rumble?

Alexa Bliss wasn’t in the Royal Rumble after she was on the receiving end of the KOD. The WWE star got a message from Uncle Howdy to move on and forget the past in a video package.

“Alexa will also be out for some time, but not sure of how long,” stated Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

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