American Fries vs. French Fries

Are French fries Really From France

What distinguishes American and french fries from one another? The difference lies in how they’re cut and prepared. While potato fries are one of the most popular snacks on the planet, not all are the same.

French People Try American McDonald’s French Fries For The First Time

How to make American fries?

Here’s a video on how to make American fries at home. It’ll take you through the proper way to rinse, peel, cook, chill, and slice them the right way.

This video explains why you should refrigerate the potatoes in ice water for about 2 hours before slicing. Generally, it will prevent the potato cuts from breaking apart during the cooking process.


What’s the difference between American and French fries?

While there are no legal distinctions between American and french fries, they are traditionally made differently.

As a result, we can distinguish the two based on their preparation procedures. Of course, different preparation methods provide slightly different flavors and textures, as you can expect.

In terms of preparation

Home fries are usually referred to as “American fries,” produced from potato pieces that are baked or fried. French fries, on the other hand, are deep-fried potato tubes.

In terms of shape

American fries need potatoes chopped into little wedges, pieces, or blocks. Unlike french fries, they are less frequent in other parts of the world. They can be found in some fast food establishments, but they are not as widespread as french fries.

French fries are often shaped like long, slender blocks. You’ll normally encounter this type if you’re not having a home-cooked dinner. They can be found in various fast-food establishments worldwide.

French fries


Are French fries Really From France?

Of course, the French would love to take credit for creating the original french fries and add it to their (already extensive) list of accomplishments. Unfortunately for the French, claiming ownership of it just because it has “french” in the name is insufficient.

Many people mistakenly believe that fries originated in France. However, it is widely assumed that they are of Belgian origin, dating back to the 1600s. Evidence that they’re not from France shows that potatoes weren’t farmed in France until 1772 and would only later be popularly consumed during the 1795 famine.

There are some distinctions in fried potatoes, or Pommes Frites, as originally referred to by the Belgians. Fun fact: When referring to fries, the “f” in “french” is lowercase because the word refers to the cut, not the country France.

How are American and French fries made?

Butter, margarine, animal fat, or vegetable oil can all be used to prepare American fries. After the potato slices have turned brown, saute them in a large skillet. After that, you can add minced onions if you want, but it’s not required. Your American fries are finally ready to eat.

French fries are easier to prepare, but they require a unique cutting technique known as the julienne method. This technique is a vegetable-cutting technique employed in France. It makes long, thin strips of food, almost like matchsticks. It’s also known as allumette. The dimensions of a julienne are 2 x 1/8 x 1/8 inches.

So, after you’ve washed and trimmed the potatoes, soak them for around 20 minutes in freezing water. After that, you can fry the potatoes in corn or peanut oil. Preheat the oven to 350°F and fry the potatoes until golden brown. It’s time to serve your french fries.

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