Are Car Washes Open In The Winter

are car washes open in the winter

Winter can be a period many people do not think about washing their cars. That is why some might even ask themselves if car washes would be open during winter.

What you should know is that car washes can remain open in winter unless there are quite extreme conditions that would make the owners feel like it is not worth opening for business. Also, the weather conditions in winter can make it hard for the washing equipment to work.

Car Washes Still Work in Winter

Contrary to what most people might think, it is possible to find many active car washes in winter. They know that people would still come in for a wash considering the roads would be sprayed with salt to keep the ice down.

Salt accumulating on the car’s bottom is not a good thing for years down the line. This is because such a car would start to rust from the bottom because of too much salt. Anyone who owns a car in such areas would want to wash off the salt as soon as possible.

Here is a video explaining why salt is added to icy roads during winter

Well, depending on how extreme the weather is, sometimes it is possible to find the car wash closed. Let us say the temperature is too freezing for the car wash equipment to work properly.

However, some car washes would have heated buildings too, making it easier for the equipment to still work even if the weather is quite cold.

Do Automatic Car Washes Close?

Yes, even the automatic car wash would remain open like the normal car washes until there is heavy rain or snow that makes it hard to even use the car cash.

You should also consider some equipment would be frozen making it hard to keep washing your cars with ease.

However, you may come across some garages with sophisticated equipment. The idea is to ensure you always have a good car wash even if the weather is extremely cold.

We all know that when it gets too cold, not many people would be out there driving. That is why most people would not need the car washes to be open when it is snowing heavily.

The good thing about automatic car washes is that they can do a good job of removing as much debris as possible. So, in case there are contaminants in the hard-to-reach spots, it becomes easier to clean them out before heading back on the road.

In case you decide to use an automatic or touchless car wash, opt for one with good performance blowers or dryers. This would largely help in speeding up the cleaning and drying process to avoid having water being frozen on the vehicle.

When is it Too Cold to Wash Cars?

When is it Too Cold to Wash Cars

We have already pointed out that at times it can get too cold even for equipment to work at a car wash. So, how cold does it have to get to make it hard to wash the car?

So long as it is below the freezing point of water, you should not wash the car as the water can easily get frozen on the car while washing it. The water freezing point is 32 degrees F or 0 degrees Celsius.

Some of the things that can get frozen include the locks, handles, and hinges. It is quite hard to open such frozen parts of the car. So, even if you are tempted to wash the car, wait until the temperature rises first.

This does not mean you should never wash your car in winter. You just have to wait for the right temperatures and go seek open car washes. Remember that the salt used to clear ice on the road would lead to salt corrosion, so washing the car more often in winter can save it.

Other Options for Washing Your Car in Winter

You could still find other ways of washing your car in case finding a car wash seems hard during winter.

The first option is to wash the car in a heated garage. Of course, this would be for people who have an actual heated garage. The aim of a heated garage is to keep the water from freezing and potentially causing jambs.

The other option is to first run the car to heat it up for a few minutes before washing. Once you are done with the washing, you also turn the car to keep running to help with drying first before shutting it off.

More Tips for Washing the Car in Winter

Washing the car in winter does not have to be hard when you have expert tips. We recommend you start with the exterior first before washing the interior. No one wants to spend more time out when it is cold.

We also recommend paying attention to the wheels even more. This is to help remove as much salt and slush build-up on the wheels and wheel wells. Removing such grime helps to keep the wheels in good condition.

After you are done washing the car, dry the crannies and nooks properly. This is because if the water is left to sit, it will not dry off with ease since it is winter. Drying the car in its crevices helps also maintain cleanliness as the water may lead to mold if left.

The interior could mostly use vacuuming to clean up as much as possible. Remember that you might drag the road salt into the car. As such, vacuuming helps to remove as much dirt and salt without getting the interior wet.

Here is a video with more tips on how to wash your car in freezing winter


Is it bad to wash your car in winter?

No. Your car will still get dirty in winter and thus it needs cleaning. Also, cleaning helps remove the salt so that you end up avoiding salt corrosion.

Is it possible to avoid salt and grime during winter?

Since salt will be on the roads, it can be hard to avoid it, but you can wax the car before winter starts as a way of protecting it further. This should maintain the car’s look generally.

How can you protect the car interior in winter?

You should invest in good floor mats to help keep the sludge from the shoes getting on the car’s floor carpet. Also, vacuum it more often to remove as much debris as possible.

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