Are Frozen French Fries Already Fried?

Frozen french fries you buy in supermarkets are already fried before being frozen. They are already fried to keep them crispy and make them fast and easy to cook.

Additionally, they are blanched before deep-frying in vegetable oil to prolong their shelf life.

Frying Frozen French Fries the Right Way

The perfect fries are those crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. A secret tip is to put your oil in medium heat instead of high heat.

When your flame is too high, the pan becomes too hot. When the pan is too hot, it makes the outsides of your fries crispy faster, leaving the insides halfway done.

Once you toss the fries in the oil, the oil should only be at good percolation. There should not be too many bubbles and popping so that you can still see the fries cooking.

After about ten to eleven minutes, the fries should be done, and the perfect color should be golden brown.


Now that you know that frozen french fries are already fried, here are other possible questions you might be curious about.

What are the healthiest frozen french fries?

The healthiest frozen french fries are those that are not fried using trans fats. Several brands also have sweet potato alternatives to potato fries, and they generally have fewer calories and sodium per serving.

Are frozen fries healthier than fast-food fries?

Yes, frozen french fries are healthier than the fries you buy in fast-food chains. Fast-food restaurants add more flavoring ingredients and salt to their fries compared to frozen ones, and they commonly fry them using trans-fat oil or lard.

Is it needed to thaw frozen french fries before frying?

Frozen french fries don’t need to be thawed right before frying. When you directly fry frozen fries, their surfaces are sealed during the entire cooking process, ensuring that they will turn out crispy on the outside.

How do you make frozen french fries?

Frozen french fries are made from large oval-shaped potatoes, while the smaller ones are made into curly fries.

These potatoes are peeled and cut into strips before washing or soaking them in cold water. You need to soak them to remove starch which helps in making frozen french fries crispier.

After soaking in water, blanching is next. The potato strips are put in boiling water for a short time and are immediately transferred into cold water after.

Blanching removes food pathogens, preserves the fries’ color, helps remove starch, and reduces moisture for a longer shelf-life. After blanching, the fries are dried and are fried in either vegetable or palm oil.

Do frozen fries have oil?

Most frozen french fries are fried in vegetable or palm oil. Generally, vegetable oil is unhealthier than palm oil because it contains unsaturated fat and may cause inflammation when it’s heated.

There are better alternatives to these two kinds of oil, such as canola, sunflower, refined peanut, or corn oil.

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