Big Meech: The Man Behind The Black Mafia Family

Big Meech

Drug dealers usually avoid exposure to cameras and the media. However, Big Meech isn’t ashamed to flaunt his lavish lifestyle.

His activities with drug trafficking have made him an infamous drug “celebrity.” The world watched as he was sent to prison for dealing cocaine and joining in a shooting incident in 2003.

Read this article to learn more about Big Meech’s life and how it impacted the drug trade and money laundering market in Michigan.

Who Is Big Meech?

Big Meech’s real name is Demetrius Edward Flenory. He’s most known for founding the Black Mafia Family (BMF) organization which handled money laundering and drug trafficking.

He was born to a small family on June 21, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio and he’s 53 years old as of this writing. His formal professions are “businessman, entrepreneur, and drug dealer.”

Big Meech is an average-sized man; he stands at 5’8” or 1.72 meters. He weighs 165 pounds, equal to 75 kilograms.

Meech is of African descent. He has black hair and eyes with a fully-tattooed body.

Big Meech’s Upbringing

Flenory’s parents were Charles and Lucille Flenory. There isn’t much available information about his parent’s work, and he had challenging teenage years.

Big Meech used to sell cocaine on the streets during his teen years in the 1980s. This work introduced him to the drug world where he stayed until his later years.

He has two siblings; his brother is Terry Lee Flenory, or “Southwest T” who helped Big Meech with BMF. His sister is Nicole Flenory and she prefers to stay quiet.

The Black Mafia Family And BMF Entertainment


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The brothers Big Meech and Southwest T founded the BMF in Detroit, Michigan in 1989. They had connections to Mexican drug cartels through a Los Angeles source, so they established cocaine dispersal areas throughout the country.

BMF sold cocaine to California, Michigan, Alabama, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee to name a few places.

The association focused on tax evasion and drug dealing, but Big Meech also used their income to start “BMF Entertainment,” a record company that promoted several rappers that they used as a front organization for their illegal businesses.

Artists like Bleu Davinci and DJ Magic Mike-spud work with BMF entertainment.

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Big Meech’s Net Worth And Lifestyle

Demetrius Flenory had several high-income sources like his record label and drug dealing business. He had a net worth of 100 million USD in 2005.

As he is currently in prison, there is no definitive determination of his current net worth.

His high income led him to live a lavish lifestyle. He owns a luxury villa in the United States and collects luxury cars like Rolls Royce.

Flenory’s Wife And Children

Big Meech had been linked to several women when he was younger, but his most frequent partner was Sabrina Peterson.

In the end, Demetrius Flenory married a woman named Tara. She took on the name “Big Meech” as opposed to “Flenory” and is officially known as Tara BigMeech.

Lil Meech


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Big Meech and Tara allegedly have two sons, but one who enjoys the fame is their son Demetrius Flenory Jr. or “Lil Meech.”

Flenory Jr. is a prominent singer, rapper, and actor. He struck fame after he played his father, Big Meech on the BMF TV series.

He also has a small role in the HBO series Euphoria as a DJ named Travis.

He only spent minimal time with his father, Big Meech as he was incarcerated when Flenory Jr. was only five years old. However, the pair keep in touch and maintain a strong relationship.

Lil Meech was arrested last May for charges involving fraud and grand theft. The 22-year-old could face 60 years in prison depending on his trial results.

Big Meech’s Arrest And Charges

In the later years, Big Meech and his brother Southwest T started getting into trouble with each other and the authorities. In 2001, Terry and Demetrius got into a quarrel, so Southwest T decided to move to Los Angeles.

Big Meech stayed in Atlanta to manage their distribution. In November 2003, the brothers involved themselves in the Buckhead-region shootings that led to police investigations.

In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) prosecuted several BMF members. Two years later, Big Meech and his brother confessed to distributing and selling drugs.

Demetrius and Terry were sentenced to 30 years in prison in September 2008. Big Meech’s tentative discharge date is May 5, 2032.

There was talk of releasing Big Meech earlier in 2020 due to the pandemic, but no updates have been released lately. Terry was released early and now he is a free man.

The Black Family Mafia TV Series


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In 2022, American producers decided to develop a series based on the lives of Big Meech and his brother.

Big Meech’s son Little Chee plays his father in the series, while DaVinci plays Terry Flenory. The audience gave positive feedback to the series’ first season.

Curtis Jackson, Terri Kopp, Randy Higgins, and Anthony Wilson produced the show in partnership with Lionsgate television and G-Unit films and television inc. You can watch the Black Mafia Family TV show on Starz Network.

This series helped increase the brother’s net worth and ingrain their names into pop culture.

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Big Meech’s Social Media

Demetrius Flenory was born in the 1960s and has been in prison since 2008. He couldn’t develop any social media platforms where he could share his life.

The closest fans can get to him is through his son, Demetrius Flenory Jr. He has the Instagram name @lilmeechbmf.

The producers of the Black Mafia Family series also have an Instagram account where they promote the show. You can follow them @bmfstarz for access to the show’s content.

There aren’t any Twitter, Tik Tok, or Facebook profiles you can associate with Big Meech.

Interesting Facts About Big Meech

Demetrius Flenory is one of the most confident drug dealers who aren’t ashamed to be in the spotlight. Here are some facts about Big Meech:

  • He has worked with several celebrities like Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, and Fabolous
  • He has given interviews to The Source and Don Diva magazine from his prison cell
  • He indicted 15,000 members of the Black Mafia family team

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