Black Opium Perfume From Dossier.Co: All About This Perfume

Black Opium Perfume From Dossier.Co

The Yves Saint Laurent, a French-based brand, creates quality perfumes and scents; they have created Black Opium which is now the top perfume for women.

It has been blooming in the Fashion world since 1961. The Black Opium from is known for its black case and outer covering.

It has a rectangular shape with the logo placed in the center. So, keep reading to learn more about this perfume.

What is YSL Black Opium from

As mentioned above, YSL Black Opium is the top perfume for women from and other platforms. It is the best choice of perfume that can be used not only on romantic nights but also for casual events and was specifically made for women.

Additionally, it contains all the necessary traits needed in a perfume; attractive and luring with a very palatable aura. This mesmerizing perfume summed up the theme of femininity.

Certainly, its long-lasting fragrance is refreshing and helps uplift your mood.

The YSL Black Opium from is affordable, making it a big advantage for women to buy a quality perfume without getting broke.

Is YSL Black Opium the Best Perfume for Women?

There are so many perfumes worldwide, and each has its unique scent. However, when it comes to finding a perfect perfume for women in 2022, YSL Black Opium is the most recommended.

Black Opium brings luxurious fragrance at a very affordable price. It is the perfect perfume for women because of its price and its unique scent of deep and dark smell, which makes your femininity stand out.

There are two types of women when it comes to perfume. Some women love strong and overpowering perfume, while others love lighter scents they can wear throughout the day.

While some women argue that YSL Black Opium is the best perfume because it has a different scent, other women find it too strong to wear on a daylight trip. On the other hand, most women still find it the best perfume because of its luxurious fragrance at a very affordable price.

So, if you are looking for the best or perfect perfume for 2022, Black Opium is the best choice any woman can have.

About the Scent and Design of the YSL Black Opium

The original Black Opium perfume has an insubstantial quality to it. Generally, the common fragrance of black coffee combined with vanilla discerns YSL Black Opium from its other parts.

There are top, middle, and base notes for the fragrance.

The top note contains the pear accord, pink pepper, and mandarin essence. This combination focuses on fruit types.

Meanwhile, the middle note, also called “the heart,” contains vanilla, white flower, and orange blossom. It also includes coffee, bitter almond, jasmine, and licorice.

Lastly, the base note contains black coffee accord, white musk, patchouli, and cedarwood essence.

Why is YSL Black Opium popular?

Because it was created uniquely and was called a one-of-a-kind perfume, the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) made a scent that captured the hearts of many Americans. You will find it hard to compare this perfume to others because of its uniqueness, which is why it is so popular.

Who is the face of Black Opium?


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Zoë Kravitz (@zoeisabellakravitz) 分享的帖子

The new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Black Opium is the 29-year-old actress, model, singer, and songwriter, Zoë Kravitz.

In 2017, Zoë was branded as a Global Makeup Ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. She has previously collaborated with other distinguished brands such as Tiffany & Co. and modeling for Calvin Klein.

The promotional video for this iconic perfume features Zoë on a rooftop and introduces her as the new endorser of YSL Black Opium.

3 YSL Black Opium Variations


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1. Amber

The amber scent is well-liked and popular. It bursts out of orange blossom, followed by jasmine and addictive amber vanilla notes.

This luring and palatable classic women’s aroma is classy, worldly-wise, and mysterious.

2. Vanilla

It is used for most of the perfumes created by YSL (Yves Saint Laurent). Also, it has a warm and fresh scent similar to a syrupy scent.

3. Oud

This variation is said to be the most expensive in the world. Ironically, it is more expensive than gold, sometimes referred to as liquid gold, and smells like beets, earth, and incense.

4 YSL Black Opium Fragrance Types

The following are the different fragrance types of Black Opium:

1. Coffee, Vanilla, and White Flowers

It is the attractively thrilling women’s fragrance, which was developed with women’s tastes in mind. It contains coffee, vanilla, white flowers, and spicy gourmand.

2. Coffee, Fig, and Green Mandarin

This one gives a savory and fresh scent. Combining green mandarin and fig creates an everlasting fragrance scratching the women’s politeness.

This classy perfume for women includes black coffee, like a shot of adrenaline.

3. Jasmine and Vanilla Bourbon

If you don’t want vanilla or green mandarin with coffee, choose this perfume designed for daring and edgy women.

4. Coffee and Orange Blossom

This iconic signature is followed by a stirring heart of exquisite orange blossom and blue absinthe.

Who runs the YSL Black Opium from

Sergio Tache is the CEO, and Ines Guien manages the product development. was established in 2018 and the online store in 2019; after opening, they already sold a lot of perfume bottles.

Side Effects When Using YSL Black Opium

The high concentration of musk in the perfume leads to the most common side effect when using YSL Black Opium from dry skin. Consider applying a moisturizer before wearing the perfume to prevent the skin from drying and irritation.

Experiencing headaches is another typical negative side effect of using YSL Black Opium from because of its high concentration of civet in the perfume. If this side effect troubles you, try using a less concentrated version of this perfume to avoid headaches or fatigue.

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