New Domain Address Revealed Again: Its Alternatives

The domain is not working anymore. It has a new domain name which is has been the best when it comes to downloading eBooks and articles. But it has been down recently.

After the shutdown, the users had difficulties finding the new domain name. They dealt with a truckload of clone sites in Google.

Googling to find, you can get confused with the gibberish content available there. You can even be redirected to a malicious site that can bring a lot of trouble to you.

So, you must not go to random sites that are similar to

If you want to know more about how to find the new domain of, we have a video that can teach you how to redirect the old domain to your new domain:

Downloading eBooks from New Domain Name was the largest free eBook download site before the shutdown. But bade farewell to the internet and moved to a new site address.

The shutdown of brought their new site address to the limelight.

If you want to connect to the new domain name of, you have to register. You should set up a profile.

These are the steps that you have to do to download at the new site:

  • Open a new tab and go to
  • Input the name of the book that you wish to download in the search box. Then click enter.
  • A new page will be shown to you. Look for the book that you wish to download.

The book can be pdf, ePub, etc.

  • The new domain will sync your search.

Top 10 Alternatives is a great site where you can download your favorite eBooks. You just have to tap the book’s name in the search engine.

You can instantly have the eBook for free. It has hundreds of eBooks that you can download whenever you want.

It does not matter where you are, all eBooks can be free. Due to technical problems, they are down for a while.

Instead of reaching the website of, you will be directed to a domain named If you are worrying about all your favorite e-books, you can search for them on the new domain.

But if you are having difficulties finding your favorite eBooks through the new domain, you can have the following alternatives to

1. GetFree Books

GetFree Books is a legal portal that can give you your favorite eBooks. You can download them for free.

Though it is a legal portal, you can absolutely get your eBooks for free. This makes GetFree Books different from other websites.

Its library has a wide range of books. All the books are interesting and engaging.

You can freely pick the book of your choice on this website. So, you can have complete freedom in reading.

2. FreeBookSpot

You can read eBooks for free after downloading them on this website. There are 90 categories of eBooks.

It includes archaeology, adult novels, astronomy, agriculture, cosmology, and other interesting topics. They offer an extensive database of books.

Choosing your desired category can be fun for you. You can choose any type of book that you want.

But you have to download the eBook first to read it.

3. Scribd

Scribd is known for audio books, eBooks, magazines, and news. This is a good site that you need to check out.

E-books here are not completely free. You can have a 1 month’s free trial.

But after that, you have to be a paid member at the site. So, you need to pay to continue enjoying their services.

Scribd works with the content of customers. They share eBooks and other documents with other users.

4. Gutenberg

Gutenberg has a full range of books. You will love this site if you are a reader.

It has a list of 54,000 eBooks. You can easily download and read them for free.

You can find ePub books and kindle books. You can read them online or download them.

If you want to get the oldest literature books, you can find them here. Registering on the website is free.

But you can donate to enhance the library of the website.

5. Open Library

You can find a wide range of books on the open library’s web page of the Open Library. You can select from millions of books.

You can download them on your device. You are free to read them afterward.

This can be good for you in your leisure time. You can contribute to the website by adding books, writing widgets, and fixing typos.

The website is completely free. You just need to first archive the files.

Open Library was made by the California State Library and Kahle/Autism Foundation. They are the ones who are funding the website.

6. Google Play Book

Formerly, this was Google eBooks. It is a digital eBook distribution service made by Google.

Before you can download an eBook, you need to purchase it. This is how you can read your favorite eBooks, though they have a free option.

If you want to access it for free, you can go to “Books”. Then, you should select “Free”.

You can have eBooks on topics like health, comedy, literature, fiction, romance, biographies, children, traveling, business, and many more. You can also have different formats to choose from.

7. Amazon Free Kindle Books

You can have millions of books at your fingertip through the Kindle app. There are 3 million books with different genres to choose from.

You just need to log in to your Amazon account. Then choose an eBook by the author, title, or genre.

Then, you can instantly download the eBook that you want. It does not matter if you are a book reader or a magazine reader, the app can help you find what you need.

Buying eBooks on Kindle can make you purchase books at low prices.

8. Bookboon

This is the largest online publishing company for eBooks. It has 50 million downloaded eBooks.

It has millions of travel guides, business books, and educational books. Its website has a very good interface.

It is easy to browse this site. You do not need to register to make a download.

This is very good for all readers.

9. Free e-book

This is the number one source of free eBook downloads. You can find any book that is available elsewhere.

It has a very good front page where you can browse the book that you want. You can get a lot of free stuff, but you should read the books on the reading platform.

10. Library Genesis

This website is a little different. It is based in Russia and is claimed to be the longest-running available collection.

Through a search engine, you can search articles and eBooks that you want to read. If you love science, then this site is the best for you.

It is easy to navigate on Library Genesis.

If you want to know more about the alternatives to, you can watch the following video:

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