Can You Delete A Question on Chegg?

Can You Delete A Question on Chegg

Chegg is an online platform where students and teachers can interact.

You can ask questions on Chegg and people will answer.

If you post a question and someone comments on the question, then that question cannot be changed or deleted.

In this case, the only way to delete the question would be to report it to Chegg.

Can I delete chegg questions?

Reporting A Chegg Question So That It Will Get Deleted

This is the only possible way to delete an answered question on Chegg.

Chegg will not give you an option to delete a commented question because other people might still find it useful.

If your question violates the terms of use, then it will probably get deleted if you or somebody else reports it.

To report your question, follow these steps below:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Type in the link [ ]
  3. Fill out the form and then submit to Chegg

Chegg will review your report after you submit the form.

If they think your question violates something, then they will probably delete it, even if it has answers.


Is Chegg Free?


You need to pay a monthly subscription to Chegg.

This is the only way you can get their answers and textbooks.

Chegg offers free-trial subscriptions and coupons.

How To Find Answers On Chegg?

On the Chegg website, you can search any question you want.

However, to see the answers, you need to be subscribed to Chegg.

If you are not subscribed, you can only see the question.

The answers will be blurred out in this case.

Will My School Know That I’m Using Chegg?

Chegg will not notify your school about your subscription.

Some schools or universities might consider Chegg as a form of cheating.

It is better to keep the subscription to yourself and not tell your teachers you are using Chegg.

How Long Does It Take Before Someone Answers My Question On Chegg?

It depends on the question.

Easy questions will be answered quickly.

Hard question will take a bit more time.

This is because easy questions will probably be answered by almost anyone.

If you ask easy questions, you will probably get a lot of answers.

If you ask a hard question, you need to wait for someone more knowledgeable to come up and answer the question.

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Questions I Can Ask On Chegg?

No, there is no limit.

Asking questions is unlimited if you are subscribed to Chegg.

Are There Wrong Answers On Chegg?

Yes, there are definitely wrong answers on Chegg.

But this only happens sometimes.

Chegg is an online platform with a lot of people.

If you open a question, you will notice that there is more than 1 answer.

This is because several people will try their take on the question.

Most of them will probably get it right while others will be wrong.

Be sure to compare the answers before using it.

This is done to make sure that you get the right answer.

Are There Other Sites Like Chegg?

Yes, there are a lot of other sites like Chegg.

Some of them are even free!

Here is a list of other sites like Chegg:

1. Khan Academy

  • A non-profit organisation that dedicates itself to giving free learning resource material to people all around the world.
  • You can watch some of their videos on youtube for free!

2. Skooli

  • Just like Chegg, you can get online tutoring and homework help using Skooli
  • You can also join 1 on 1 tutoring, group video conferences, whiteboard, and also chat options in Skooli.

3. Quizlet

  • You can get straightforward answers on Quizlet.
  • Some users on Reddit say that Quizlet is a better alternative to Chegg.
  • Some of them are free.
  • But in order to fully use Quizlet, you need to pay a subscription fee.

4. CourseHero

  • This one is almost the same as Chegg.
  • They offer rental books, subject lessons, learning material, and everything else.
  • They have a huge library uploaded by the members.
  • You can also find your University or School here and then check out the learning materials.

Chegg is considerably safe for students and teachers to use.

It is a legal and licensed site.

The posts on Chegg are moderated to make sure it is appropriate.

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