Can You Find Someone’s Location From Instagram

In finding the location of someone on Instagram, you may need to know their Instagram account first. Then search for their username on the search box.

If their account is in public, you may check the photos and see if there are tagged locations. There are some who put their location on their bio, you may check that also.

How to Track Someone’s Location on Instagram?

Instagram comes with a feature where you can include the location of the picture that you have posted. If you want to know the location of someone, you may check the posted photo and check their Location Field.

Option 1 Check their Location Through Instagram Posts

If the account you want to track is in public mode, then try to look at the pictures posted. However, tracking someone’s location on Instagram through their post may not be that accurate all the time.

Since some would prefer not to add the location of where they are. This is due to security and privacy issues.

Option 2 Check their Instagram Stories

If the Instagram stories of the account that you want to track are in public, try to check whether they have attached their current locations. Once they add the location tag you can tap the location and it will route you with the location map.

Option 3 Check their Bio

Some Instagram Users would put their Region or Country in their Instagram Bio; if the user’s account is in public or not, once they put their location on their bio, you can track them using that information.

Option 4 Look for Famous Landmarks

If the Instagram user did not add their current location to their posts, stories, or bio, you might check the photos they are posting. Try to look for famous landmarks where they have traveled.

The Down Side of Instagram Location Field

The downside of referring to the Instagram Location is that they are not accurate. When you try to post and add the address, there will be various options that the user can click.

For example, if you are on River Thames in London, there will be various options that you can click on, like Thames River City Cruise, River Thames Richmond, or River Thames, Pangbourne Meadows.

Since there are many related locations that are prompted on the location tab, not all attached locations on Instagram posts are accurate.

Moreover, the user has the option not to include the location of the photo. Thus you may not be able to know the real-time location of the user.

Can I Use a Location Tracker to track the location of an Instagram User?

Track the Location of Anyone On the Internet!

If you cannot find any location information of someone on Instagram, you may need an Instagram Location Tracker.

Look for a web-based tool Instagram Location Tracker that will allow you to look for the location of someone on Instagram using Google Map for free.

How to Check User Location on Instagram Account Easily [TUTORIALS]

Track Via Instagram Username

You may need to enter the username of the Instagram user on the box and click Track Instagram account.

Track Via IP Address Finder

If you cannot find details of the location using the user name, try to check the IP address. You may need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Instagram IP Address Finder
  2. Encode the Username
  3. Verify by entering the captcha and then hit Find IP Address.
  4. Check the IP Address of the Instagram account that will prompt on your screen.
  5. After that, enter the IP Address o the User in the IP Address Tracker, then you will see the location of the user in the Google Map.


Can Someone track me on Instagram?

Yes, someone can track you on Instagram if your account is in public and you are adding your current location on your bio, posts, and stories.

You have the option to turn your account into a private account where your friends are the only ones who can see your posts.

Moreover, you may need to opt to add your location to your posts to avoid being tracked.

Can I track someone on Instagram without knowing their name?

There is no way to do that since, in order to look for someone on Instagram, you may need to type in their username or name to find them.

Can I add my location to my Instagram Post?

Yes, you can add your location to your Instagram post. Just click the Add Location word, and you will be prompted with a search box where you can search for the location.

Can I remove my location on my Instagram post?

Yes, you can click the three dots on the right part of the picture and click edit. Once you click edit, try to hit the current location displayed below your username. It will route you with Remove Location and click Done to save changes.

Can I Change my location on Instagram?

Yes, you can change the location by clicking the photo and then hitting the three dots on the upper right corner of the picture.

Click Edit and click the current location on the upper left of the screen below your username.

Once you click that, try to hit the Change Location Tab, search for the location you want to add and click Done to save changes.

Can I track visitors on my Instagram?

You can only see who viewed your stories on Instagram, but you cannot track who looks at your Instagram bio.

Does Instagram Show my Location?

Your location on Instagram is off in the default setting. However, if you opt to add your location, you may do so.

You have the option to whether allow Instagram to have access to your location or not. Moreover, many would turn off their location setting for privacy and security reasons.

Can you track a fake Instagram Account?

A fake Instagram account can be traced. The account comes with an IP Address, and once it is traced, the identity of the person can be identified as well. In tracing a fake account, you may need someone who has good IT skills.

Is Instagram Geotagging safe?

It is safe if you are a public or a less private person. This is also helpful for businesses like food, stores, and more since it is much easier to look at and track their location by potential customers.

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