can you reset your runescape account

can you reset your runescape account

If you are a fan of old MMORPG games, you have probably heard of RuneScape before.

Since 2001, the game has been a hit with avid gamers who are newly venturing into the online world.

In this day and age, maybe you’re planning to start the game from scratch for a bit of nostalgia, and you find yourself asking, “can you reset your RuneScape account.” This is where resetting your account comes in.

However, you cannot simply reset your RuneScape account since your data is saved online.

This article will provide you with a simple alternative that will allow you to start the game anew without worrying about your current game profile.

How To Play RuneScape From Scratch

To enjoy RuneScape from the beginning, you need to create a new account with a new email address. This will allow you to focus on a new adventure and keep your past experiences from your old account.

To create a new RuneScape account, follow these easy steps from the video above:

  1. Type “old school RuneScape” in your Google search and click the Old School RuneScape option.
  2. Click the “New User? Sign up here” option.
  3. Fill out the necessary details on the page (make sure to have a valid email address).
  4. Log in to your free world in RuneScape once you are registered.
  5. Customize your character in the game.
  6. Start your game.

Congratulations, you just made a new account! You can now start your new RuneScape adventure and play however you want.

At this point, you can play like you used to back in the day or apply your new gaming methods with the same retro MMORPG feels. Don’t forget to share this experience with your friends so you can enjoy the game altogether.


1. How Can I Delete My RuneScape Account?

To officially delete your RuneScape account, you must send an email request to [email protected]

They will take care of the account deletion process for you since you cannot do this independently.

Note that this process would take a significant amount of time, depending on the situation’s complexity.

If you prefer to play RuneScape with a new account, follow the instructions above as you wait for the developers to handle the situation.

2. Can I Have More Than One Account Per Email?

Like any other online profile these days, you cannot register two accounts with one email address. If you wish to have multiple RuneScape accounts, you need to use different emails for them.

3. What Is OSRS?

OSRS stands for Old School RuneScape. OSRS is an MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, the previous version of the RuneScape game.

If you wish to play RuneScape with the same old-school vibe, you may choose this option rather than the modern one.

4. Is Old School RuneScape Free To Play?

Old School RuneScape is free to play, but it will require a monthly payment for you to access the other content of the game. For a month, a membership subscription package costs $10.99.

In 3 months, membership costs $29.99, and the membership subscription in a year costs $99.99.

5. How Can I Recover My RuneScape Account?

If you still have access to the email you used to register, follow these steps to recover your RuneScape account:

  1. Visit this link to access the “Forgotten Login” window for RuneScape.
  2. Type in your email address.
  3. Click ‘Recover.’
  4. Check the email address you registered and follow the link to set a new password for your account.

6. Can I Use An Old School RuneScape Account With The New RuneScape?

Old School RuneScape is quite different from the new RuneScape. OSRS accounts are separated from the RS3 accounts.

This also means that the progress from these is entirely separate and that any progress is not transferable between these two games.

You might not be able to play both games simultaneously, but it is possible to play using one account with one membership.

7. What Is Iron Man RuneScape?

RuneScape Iron Man is an account that restricts the players from interacting with other players. This means no trading, limiting multiplayer, and no XP handouts.

This forces the players to be self-sufficient, wherein the players earn and craft everything independently.

8. How Can I Remove Iron Man?

The video above instructs how you can remove the Iron Man status in-game.

  1. Visit and talk to Paul, a member of the Iron Men.
  2. Click the option saying, “I’d like to review my Iron Man mode.”
  3. Click “None” on the Iron Man Setup.
  4. The screen will show that your Iron Man status will change in seven days.

If you have a permanent Iron Man account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Support’
  2. Select ‘Account access and settings’
  3. Click ‘In-game’
  4. Select ‘Iron Man’
  5. Select the ‘Contact Us’ button, which will ask which version of the game you would want to remove your Iron Man status from
  6. Follow the steps accordingly.
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