can you see when you started following someone on instagram

can you see when you started following someone on instagram

Instagram allows you to see the list of the accounts you follow, but the app does not tell you when exactly you started following them. Luckily, you can still access this information through two straightforward methods.

How To See When You Started Following An Instagram Account

Look At The Order Of Your Following List

You can see the chronological order of when you followed people on Instagram by clicking on the Following tab on your profile page.

Once you open the list of the accounts you follow, you can choose how you want to have the list sorted. You can either sort the list by “Date followed: Latest” or “Date followed: Earliest.”

If you choose the Latest option, you will see the accounts you recently followed at the top of the list. On the other hand, if you select the Earliest option, you will see the first account you ever followed on top of the list.

Remember that this method does not allow you to see the exact dates you started following accounts.

Download Your Instagram Data

If you want to know the exact date you started following someone, you must download and sift through your Instagram data. In this video, Howfinity will walk you through downloading your Instagram account data.

Here are the steps featured in the video:

  • Open Instagram and log in to your account.
  • Go to your Instagram profile page, and click the gear icon next to the Edit Profile button. From the pop-up that appears, select Privacy and security.
  • Scroll down and click on the Request download link under the Data Download section.
  • Enter your email address and password to confirm the request. Instagram will send a link to your email inbox; click on this link to download your Instagram data in a .zip file.
  • You can extract these files to whatever directory you choose.

Once you’ve downloaded and extracted your Instagram data files, you will have access to all your photos, stories, likes, comments, and the precise date and time you followed the accounts in your following list.

Here is a step-by-step guide to searching for the date and time you followed someone after you have downloaded your Instagram data:

  • Locate the directory where you extracted your Instagram data files.
  • Look for the followers_and_following folder and open it.
  • Open the following.html file using an HTML viewer. You can view HTML files using a browser or a text editing application like notepad or Microsoft Word.
  • Press Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F for Apple devices) simultaneously, and input the username of the account you’re looking for into the search bar,

Once you find the account you’re looking for, you will find the exact date and time you followed them under their username.


How Do I Follow An Instagram Account?

Search for the account’s username by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing the username into the search bar. On the account’s profile page, click on the blue Follow button.

How Do I Unfollow On Instagram Account?

Go to the account’s profile page you want to unfollow and click on the Following button. A pop-up will give you multiple mute, restrict, and unfollow options.

Select the Unfollow option.

What Happens When I Unfollow Someone On Instagram?

When you unfollow someone on Instagram, their posts and stories stop appearing in your feed. If you visit their profile page, you can still see their posts, but you will not be updated when they upload a new photo or post on their story.

Can I See Who Unfollowed Me?

Although Instagram does not have a feature where you can check who unfollowed you, you can use third-party applications to see which accounts have unfollowed you.

Can Anyone Follow Me On Instagram?

Unless you have set your account to private, anyone on Instagram can follow you.

How Do I Remove A Follower On Instagram?

Click on the Followers tab on your profile page, and look for the username of the person you want to remove. Click the Remove button right next to their username.

How Do I Get More Followers On Instagram?

In this video, the woman gave tips on increasing your Instagram follower count. Here are some of the information featured in the video:

  • Engage and follow accounts with large follower counts.
  • Establish relationships with other users on the app.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Collaborate with other users.
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