Can You Still Get Tan At 5 pm?

Can You Still Get Tan At 5 pm

For you tanning enthusiasts out there, this might be a question that sometimes pops up in your mind.

So? Is it still possible to tan our skin at 5 pm? Let’s find out!

The Sun at 5 pm

Can You Still Get Tan At 5 pm

Tanning is possible if there is still light coming from the Sun. So if it is 5 pm and the Sun is still out, then yes, it is possible to get a tan at 5 pm.

However, there are varying degrees of results and effects it can cause if we compare tanning our skin during mid-day to tanning around dusk.

How Does Tanning at 5 pm Work?

If you think about it, when the hour is at 5 pm somewhere, it is time for the Sun to start going out and set on the horizon.

The intensity of the Sun will be far weaker at 5 pm than during the hours of 10 am-4 pm.

According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Sun is at its highest in the sky around noon. The Sun’s rays have the shortest distance to travel through the atmosphere, and UV levels are the highest.

How Does Tanning at 5 pm Work

In the early morning and late afternoon, the Sun’s rays travel a greater distance through the atmosphere, and the intensity of UV is significantly reduced.

Not to mention all the buildings, trees, and other landscapes, which will help block the path of the light rays, making it a tad bit harder for us to get that tan if we live in a dense setting.

So if you are serious about tanning your skin, it might be best to avoid the 5 pm mark.

What If We Have To Tan Only at 5 pm?

In some cases wherein there are reasons you cannot tan except during 5 pm, it is still possible to get that tan; it will just require a bit more dedication.

People with sensitive skin or other conditions may opt for this time to tan their skin.

What If We Have To Tan at 5 pm

Sure it is not exactly 100% UV light danger-free. But still, it is safer than tanning mid-day.

For safety reasons, it is important to note that the Skin Cancer Foundation ultimately advises us not to tan at all.

The benefit of safety will also serve as the biggest hindrance for those enthusiasts who tan at around 5 pm.

Because since the Sun is weak, tanning would take a lot more time before the effects start to happen. With the Sun being weaker, so does the UV light being emitted to your skin.

How To Be More Confident

According to MedlinePlus, There are three types of UV rays. Two of them, UVA and UVB, can reach the earth’s surface and affect your skin.

UVB rays can cause sunburn. UVA rays can travel more deeply into the skin than UVB rays. When your skin is exposed to UVA, it tries to protect itself from further damage.

It does this by making more melanin, the skin pigment that makes your skin darker. That’s what gives you a tan, which means that your tan is a sign of skin damage.

Therefore, it is crucial that if you want to tan at 5 pm, you will need to have the resolve and dedication to spend time and repeat this process multiple times.

What About The Lotions And The UV Sunscreens?

What About The Lotions And The UV

Considering that the UV lights are weak at this point, the adverse effects of the lights are very minimal, and it is a safe bet not to use them.

Of course, we can always do a test run, and if it seems you’re not feeling good without the lotions, you can apply it and then go on with your business.


So there we go, folks, tanning is indeed possible at 5 pm, and with those doubts confirmed, you can now go and tan yourself to perfection.

Keep in mind that due to varying degrees of light intensity, you will most likely not see as much result as when you do it at standard tanning hours.

So if you want that tan, you will need to put in more dedication and time.

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