Can You Turn Off Auto-Scroll On Instagram?

Can You Turn Off Auto-Scroll On Instagram

Instagram constantly updates its features and interface. It seems like every few days, they come up with new things to make the app user-friendly.

One of their latest features is auto-scrolling. It is when it spends a certain amount of time on a post before it moves on to the next one.

This feature is perfect for when users want to browse Instagram while their hands are tied. It is great for when you are eating, typing, or doing some other hobby.

Thankfully, this feature is optional. You can turn it on or off, depending on your preference.

How to Turn Off Auto-Scroll

It is fairly straightforward when you want to turn off auto-scroll or snap-scrolling. Just open your Instagram settings and search for the scroll options.

From there, you can control how your Instagram app functions. You can tailor it to how you would specifically use the app.

Video Auto-play

As you know, Instagram isn’t only a social media platform where people post photos. They can also post videos that can be a few minutes in length.

There are instances that once we hover over the video while scrolling through our feed that it automatically plays.

These are prominent in Instagram reels. Thankfully you can also control this through the settings.

There are two ways you can do it, fixing the auto-play video setting or optimizing the app’s data-saving feature. It can help lessen your data bills and save you a little more money.

App Updates

If you can’t find the settings for these Instagram app features, you should check if your Instagram application is up to date. It can also be the case if your app has auto-scroll on unexpectedly.

Having your application updated makes it have all the latest features available. Some features also don’t do too well, and Instagram removes them through the updates.

Quick Fix

If you can’t find the right settings, there is a quick fix to help stop the auto-scrolling. The thing is, you would need to use your hands for it.

You can hold the screen to keep the feed in place if you see something you like. Holding the screen can also pause stories from continuing to play.

Instagram Quick History

Kevin Systrom is the man everyone can credit with coming up with what we now know as Instagram. It was first conceptualized a few months before 2010 as an app called Burbn.

In fact, it officially launched as Instagram in 2010. When it hit the market, it had already gained a whopping 25,00 users in just 24 hours.

Its success was very rapid that in 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram and paid a hefty $1 Billion for it.

Since then, Instagram has reinvented itself, evolving from a photo-sharing platform to a multi-media-sharing app. It is consistent in reinventing ways its users can disseminate visuals they capture through photos or videos.

Other Features

Now that you know about the auto-scroll feature on Instagram apps, here are more features. These are Instagram app features that you might not have known were there.

Deleting Comments

It is well-known that you can control what you’ve posted, whether as a story, a  reel, or an actual post. You can also control removing comments you’ve made on other people’s posts.

Most users forget that you can also control the comments on your posts. If another profile comments on something that upsets you on your posts, you have the power to delete it.

Other users won’t be able to see it as, well. The person who commented on it also won’t be notified that you’ve deleted the comment.

Save and Organize Other Posts

You can also treat Instagram like Pinterest and save posts that inspire you or posts you just find pleasing. Generally, you must click the bookmark icon on the lower right corner of the post.

Additionally, you can also group certain posts; you can group them by theme, poster, date, or whatever theme you prefer. It’s kind of like making a mood board but on Instagram.

Notification Feature

It isn’t far-fetched that people would have certain favorite Instagram profiles or influencers. If you want to get notified when they post or have any sort of activity on the app, that is possible.

All you have to do is go to the profile and click the gear or three dots icon. After that, you just turn on notifications, and it’s done; you’ll receive a ping every time they post something.


This feature has been around for a couple of years, but some users still don’t use it. Users can post up to ten different photos or pictures in one post.

It can be a combination of photos and videos, and you can decide on the order of it. You can also edit the photos or videos one by one before posting.

Some profiles use this whenever they post “photo dumps.” These are photos or videos they managed to take during a specific period.

Collaborative Posts

A newer feature on Instagram is collaborative posts. It is like tagging other accounts but taken to another level.

Collaborative posts mean that two accounts will post the same content. It will be stated there as well as the two accounts that posted it.

The photo/s and/or video/s posted will also appear on both profiles that are part of the collaboration. This is a feature only possible if both profiles are set to public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most-followed Celebrities on Instagram?

Celebrities are one of the most followed accounts on Instagram. Kylie Jenner alone has over 354 million followers.

Additionally, Selena Gomez has 331 million followers, while Dwayne Johnson has 325 million. Kim Kardashian has 321 million followers, and Ariana Grande has 319 million.

Who are the most-followed Athletes on Instagram?

Professional athletes are also one of the most followed. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have 343 and 460 million, respectively.

The most-followed account belongs to Instagram, which has 524 million followers.

Is Instagram addictive?

Instagram Is addictive, but you can set a screen time limit for the app. It can warn you if you go over the set time to help moderate your app usage.

What are other applications similar to Instagram?

Other social media applications also have the feature of sharing photos and videos. Meta, Twitter, and Snapchat are all platforms where you can share photos or videos.

Still, the premier app for that and the one that may get the most engagement would still be Instagram.

How many users does Instagram Have?

Instagram has over one billion active accounts, half of which are online at any given time. The possibilities of who you can connect with from whichever part of the globe are endless.

It is also a call for responsibility as there may be a lot of dangerous scams that can be done through the app as well. Sharing personal information might not be the best idea; being vigilant is very important.

Can you have more than one Instagram account?

The Instagram app also allows users to have multiple accounts logged in. They won’t have to log out and switch accounts; they can do it on the fly.

This is important because small business owners also use Instagram to promote their products. They create pages for their business where customers can order and inquire about whatever they are selling.

That is why being able to switch accounts in a couple of taps would be very convenient for the user. They can easily handle their personal and business Instagram accounts.

Can you edit photos or videos on Instagram?

The Instagram app also provides basic editing for photos or videos before posting them. They have a couple of filters you can put or even some other things you can adjust.

Things like brightness, contrast, sharpness, and grain can all be edited through the app. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be posted once it is edited.

If you aren’t sure yet if you should post the photo or video, you can edit it beforehand. You save it as a draft or in your gallery until you are ready to publish it on your profile.

Is Instagram free?

Instagram is indeed a free application. There is no subscription fee needed to download and use Instagram.

You only need to sign up using your phone number or email. Also, you can link your Instagram account to other social media profiles you may have on Facebook or Twitter.

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