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Carl Runefelt

Carl Runefelt, who’s commonly known as Carl The Moon on social media, is a Sweden-based investor, businessman, and social media personality. As of 2023, Carl Runefelt is estimated to be worth $1.1 Billion.

Carl is known globally for sharing information relating to cryptocurrency on social media, resulting in a large online following featuring millions. Furthermore, the Sweden-based entrepreneur is a strong subscriber to the law of attraction and believes that having a firm vision of your future helps in achieving goals.

This article will reveal more information on Carl Runefelt, diving deeper into his net worth, family, career and more. Read on!

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Carl Runefelt Wiki & Biography

Carl Runefelt was born to a Swedish family on September 5, 1994 in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. H is 28 years old as of April 2023. Despite being Sweden-born, Carl settled in Dubai, UAE, where he currently resides and handles his financial affairs.

Also known as Carl The Moon, this Swedish influencer has made a name for himself online as a cryptocurrency guru, especially on Bitcoin. This affinity for cryptocurrencies inspired two of Carl’s businesses, Kasta and The Moon Group.

Kasta is a crypto token currently priced at $0.02 according to the CoinMarketCap website, while The Moon Group is a holding company owning a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries within the blockchain industry and Web3 space.

The public is conversant with his educational videos on cryptocurrencies despite having no tertiary education. According to an interview with Carl Runefelt, the crypto genius revealed that he had no real business experience or degree from a university but didn’t let that determine his path in life.

Here are some quick facts about Carl Runefelt:

Full Name/Real Name: Carl Runefelt
Nick Name/Stage Name: Carl The Moon
Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Birthday: September 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Net Worth $1.1 Billion
Age(How Old): 28
Weight: 67 kg
Height(How Tall): 5 ft 9
Currently Live In: Dubai, UAE
Nationality: Swedish
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: Swedish
College: Unknown
Profession: Entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor and coach, social media influencer
Social Media Accounts:

Carl Runefelt Family, Wife & Relationships

As a trendy and financially stable entrepreneur and investor, Carl Runefelt is dedicated to building his empire and public image. In achieving this goal, Carl has deliberately decided to stay an unmarried bachelor in the meantime.

In other words, The Moon is currently single with no wife or girlfriend, according to what’s available to the public. While this may change with the cryptocurrency influencer approaching his 30s, he’s currently occupied with predicting and capitalising on the crypto industry and building his two businesses.

However, it’s worth mentioning that public sources show that Runefelt has dared at least two women in the past. Unfortunately, not much information is available to pinpoint these previous live interests for review.

As for his family, Carl is born to a Swedish family, making him Swedish by ethnicity; however, he’s private about sharing his personal life online and hasn’t revealed anything noteworthy about his parents or siblings.

Upon inspecting his social media, websites, and previous interviews, The Moon only talks about crypto-related topics, keeping things professional.


Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Brother Name Unknown
Sister Name Unknown
Girlfriend None
Marital Status Single
Wife Name None
Children None

Physical Appearance

Carl Runefelt is a 28 year old Swedish entrepreneur and crypto guru currently living in Dubai, UAE. According to public sources, Carl is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 67 kg, which is ideal for his height.

Carl Runefelt

While he doesn’t appear muscular and physically intimidating, he has a charming smile, brown hair, and attractive blue eyes. Furthermore, The Moon has an excellent sense of fashion, showing off suits, leather jackets, and high-quality shoes estimated to measure 9.5 (US).

Ultimately, Carl Runefelt is physically attractive, above average height, possesses blue eyes, and even-toned white skin, brown hair, and a charming smile. His personality is also noteworthy as he’s often seen smiling and having a good time in photos and videos.


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Runefelt began his journey into the cryptocurrency industry in 2017 where he studied Bitcoin carefully until it piqued his interest. Eventually, the curious Carl made his first purchase when Bitcoin was still $3,000 per coin using money he saved from his $1,500 monthly salary.

Carl Runefelt Says That Cryptocurrency Is Flourishing Through Social Media

Despite going broke on his first crypto purchase, Carl Runefelt earned around a million in December of the same year. Later, he reinvested $100,000 back into crypto, resulting in major profits that convinced Carl that his analysis needed public attention.

He eventually created a Twitter account and began sharing his thoughts and processes with the crypto community. Eventually, his Twitter followers grew to over a million. This social media success also rubbed off on his YouTube channel, which currently sits at 573k subscribers and 18,611,094 views.

Carl is Alka the founder of The Moon Group, which consists of multiple crypto companies featuring peer-to-peer payments, gaming and crypto launch platforms. On the other hand, he’s currently the co-founder and CMO of Kasta, a crypto token currently priced at $0.02.

The founder of The Moon Group

Runefelt has gone viral on multiple occasions and was also featured in Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′, solidifying his value in today’s society.

It’s also worth mentioning that The Moon is an active Philanthropist, donating millions to various charities including World Vision and Save the Children. Carl Runefelt is also an angel investor, aiming to support young entrepreneurs worldwide.


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Carl Runefelt Net Worth Summary

According to public sources, Carl Runefelt has an estimated net worth of $1.1 Billion, which he acquired primarily from his cryptocurrency investments followed by his businesses then social media platforms.

Runefelt has been actively investing in cryptocurrency since he discovered the asset in 2017 and has since gathered a fortune. His intelligence and effective decisions had him featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 as he mostly succeeds turning small opportunities into big investments.

Despite the current downfall of the crypto industry, Runefelt is confident and continues to invest in these assets, especially Bitcoin. The billionaire also invests millions of dollars into NFTs, owning Cryptopunk #4626 worth $1 million (249 ETH).

Carl’s social YouTube channel also contributed to his overall wealth valuation with an annual revenue estimation of $250,000.

As for his two businesses, not much is known about the state of both establishments; however, The Moon Group has an estimated annual revenue of $5.3 million, which contributed to Carl’s overall income.

On the other hand, Kasta is currently experiencing a decrease in value as it’s currently worth $0.02 compared to its initial $0.6 in 2021.

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