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Feedback: appropriate architecture?

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Re: Museum? (Issa Clubb)
Keywords: architectural design
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 05:35:40 GMT
From: libes (Scott Parker)

Above and beyond the appropriateness of a museum for rock and roll, there is the other issue of what a horrible choice of an architect I.M. Pei was. Although Mr. Pei is an an accomplished architect, he knows nothing about the music, as the building's form clearly displays. The collision of forms that, I believe he said, are representative of the restlessness of the music are far too static, the overall impression is that this is a conventional building done poorly. Whoever is in charge of the museum should strip the building down to its steel and hire Coop Himmelblau , or the like, who actually own some of the music the building celebrates.

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