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None: Unity through the acceptance of Punk Rock

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Re: None Monumental Rock (Paul Ehrlich)
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Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 05:21:04 GMT
From: [email protected]
  Punk rock, and the rebellion it inspires, has bred a communion in its' listeners like no other genre of music.  As an anger-ridden-teenager, I can remember drifting through different ways of life, differents ways of music, looking for my own agreeance with a specific type of music or rebellion.  Looking for my own communion.  I found in punk rock.          I've never experienced anything as moving as the devotion to understanding and change as resides in many of the punk bands I've listened to.  From the unity driven lyrics of Operation Ivy, to the compassionate dreams of changing the world, from Bad Religon.  Punk has offered a common ground for many teens to stand on, I included.  Punk  deserves acknowledgement as a genre of music, of life, that needs to be remembered and continued.  It has kept many teens on a life of direction to search for more meaning in life than what appears to be there.  It has taught it's listener, myself included, to read between the lines, to question authority, and to speak out against what we individually think is wrong, ironically th same motives our country and forgotten freedom were founded on. 

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