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None: Ten Second Top Fifty nominations

Base: Music Discussion
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:24:55 GMT
From: [email protected] (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
In an age of fragmentation, who bothers to listen through an entire song any more? Sure the mainstream music mags still roll out the obligatory "Album of Year" awards this month, but the real audiostream running through our days is more disjointed, musical notes scattered about like so many TCP/IP packets. Soundbites, samples, riffs, solos, refrains, intro chords � blurted out in commercials, lingering in the choppy wakes of channel surfers, all rigged together into complex musical pastiches. In the spirit of this schizophrenic soundtrack, FEED hereby presents the "Ten Second Top Fifty," in which a motley panel of critics, musicians, netheads -- and you, gentle readers -- nominate the fifty greatest pop music fragments of all time.

We'll be uploading the first nominations for our panel early next week, but for now we're opening the floor for reader suggestions. We'll pick 10 soundbites from the FEED readership and include them in the final top fifty. In compiling your lists, be sure to include the name of the artist, song title, album title -- and the begin and end times of the ten-second excerpt you've chosen. And feel free to write a few lines justifying your choices. The only caveat: limit your choices to pop and its various sub-genres (rock, indie rock, techno, rap, heavy metal, etc...). Classical and jazz will have to wait for a future Ten Second Top Fifty.

Steven Johnson

Responses [Embed Depth: 1 2 3 All] [Outline Depth: 1 2 3 9 All]

1. None: My Sharona (Holden Lewis)
2. Note: Take your pick. (Sam Pratt)
3. Idea: Let's hear the nominations (H L Smith)
4. None: SHAMON (voodooboy)
1. More: Jackobabble (S'Pratt)
5. None: The Jingle that Haunts Me ([email protected])
6. Warning: Ignore at your peril (John Manville)
7. More: Don't forget these (Conifer)
8. None: Hot Rod Lincoln (Chris L.)
1. None: and a great cover by... (Wade Leftwich)
9. None: Quintessential drumroll (tom franks)
10. None: Born To Run (Matt Benzing)
11. Idea: "I Only Have Eyes For You" (Mark Ingebretsen)
1. None: Bites Majorly
12. None: Ten seconds 50 nominations.The good oldies (unbeaten so far?) (Maurits Verzele)
13. None: I Feel Fine (Marc Davis)
14. Warning: Sublime Rock (Phillip H. Snaith, Esquire)
15. None: "And the Cradle Will Rock," Van Halen (Michael Kaminer)
16. None: Off the Top ([email protected])
17. Feedback: Dire Wolf Grateful Dead ([email protected])
18. Idea: Triumph Of The Swill (Alice Castavet)
1. None: Brains 'n' Bites (Steve Hull)
19. None: Tunes That Make My Cooze Itch (Kim Scheinberg)
20. News: All the best bits (Mike Pareene)
21. None: Untitled (kim)
1. None: the greatest (kim)
22. Question: what about lets get crazy? ([email protected])
23. None: Present at the Creation. (Jack Lipkins)
1. More: Present At The Creation II (Jack Lipkins)
25. None: Louie Louie et all
26. Feedback: What a fun list! ([email protected])
27. None: "You Really Got Me" (Don Brown)
28. None: A Hard Days Night & Strawberry FIelds ([email protected])
29. Question: What, No Beatles? (Peter Jones)
1. More: "I read the news today, oboy...." (shade)
30. None: Matchbox ([email protected])
31. Feedback: The Song Remains the Same (AJ Barrett)
32. None: Wipe OUT ([email protected])
33. None: I Want You Back ([email protected])
34. Feedback: Is There Not A Brother Amongst Ye? ([email protected])
35. Feedback: Is There Not A Brother Amongst Ye? (Mark Matcho)
36. None: "couldn't i just tell you" by todd rundgren
37. None: Riff in Sunshine of Your Love (Van Garrett)
38. None: Phish--"You Enjoy Myself"--Junta--2:12-2:22 (Mike Harmon)
39. None: I'll bite... (Steve Hull)
1. None: well considered. (Chuck)
40. None: "Paradise by the dashboard light"
41. None: Cypher in the Snow - Militia (Laura Hulse)
1. None: The day CITS become famous will be armegeddon (boooo)
42. Note: Ten Second Top Fifty Nominations
43. None: Dearie me, no Stones??? (Sarah smith)
44. Idea: FUNKY WORM (amely greeven)
45. None: hey hey HEY! (boohab)
46. None: Present at the Creation III (Jack Lipkins)
47. None: Iron Man (John Abbott)
50. More: The 60s were better, and *that's that* (Dave Heasman)
52. Idea: greatest alltime cover :DEVO (john kennedy)
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