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Re: None Ten Second Top Fifty nominations (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
Keywords: Obvious, Less Obvious
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 19:20:07 GMT
From: [email protected]

Ten-Seconds of Glory

First, some obvious ones:

CB's opening to "Johnny B"
The Cowbell intro to "Honky Tonk Women."  
The Finale to "Won't Get Fooled Again," from the synthesizer break, thru three Moon Drum rolls, and then Daltrey's scream.  The scream alone is ten seconds, but it's worth more with all the drama of what happens before it. 
Beatles:  The second solo in "I Feel Fine" with Ringo's drums
          George Martin's piano solo in "In My life": lovely is the only word.
Any of Scotty Moore's solos from Elvis's Sun Records
Any time Roy Orbison growled
Any ten seconds of Any Roy Orbison song, ever.
The Cataclysmic final verse of "You've lost that Lovin' Feeling." (do I need to mention I mean the Righteous Brothers' version?)

Less Obvious: Bassline opening to "Pump it Up." the Voodoo opening to Marvin Gaye's "Grapevine" (CCR's aint half bad, neither, more swamp than jungle, though) The Bridge to Sam and Dave's "Hold on, I'm Comin'!" The opening chords to "Clash City Rockers," taking "I Can't Explain" and turning it on its head. Otis whipping himself into a frenzy at the end of "Try a Little Tenderness." Aretha's "It don't take too much I Q!!!!! to see what you're doin' to me" (the song: "THINK!")

Even Less Obvious: Mick Waller's drum roll after the first verse of "Every Picture Tells A Story." Paul Simon's "wooooo"'s at the end of "The Obvious Child. It echoes his passion for the Five Satins so explicit in other songs. It never fails to make me weep. Brian Ritchie's xylophone solo in the middle of the Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone" The organ solo in "Dance to the Music" (including Sly's "You might like to hear my organ..."

I guess that's it for now.

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