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Idea: Triumph Of The Swill

Base: Music Discussion
Re: None Ten Second Top Fifty nominations (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
Keywords: misanthropy
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 02:10:49 GMT
From: [email protected] (Alice Castavet)

The exercise is a tiresome demonstration of the vapidity associated with this medium, but what the Hell, not only do I have time to actually listen to whole songs, I've got a few minutes to recommend a few "soundbites".

FOOD EMPORIUM JINGLE: No one who heard the thing can ever forget it. Short and inescapable, this one. "Someone made a store, just for meeee..."

CLAP ON, CLAP OFF, THE CLAPPER: It speaks for itself.

The very beginning of THE SIMPSONS: ibid.


Fuck all that pseudointellectual crap. People who think in "bites" have no brains. "BEETHOVEN'S 5TH", what, are you trying to get laid now, Bozo?

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