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Base: Music Discussion
Re: None Ten Second Top Fifty nominations (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 23:08:41 GMT
From: [email protected] (Sam Pratt)
Off the top of my head:
1. The most instantly recognizable
    guitar lick of all time is heard at
    the very beginning of the Stones'
    "Satisfaction." No contest here.
2. The first 10 seconds of "Green
    Onions" by Booker T & The MGs,
    an instrumental endlessly used
    in Hollywood action movies.
3. You see, there's this group called
    The Beatles....
    a) the last 10 seconds of "A Day In the Life"
    b) the baseline from "Taxman"
    c) guitar intro to "Revolution"
        &c &c.
4. Saxophone riff from "Hold On, I'm
    Coming" by Sam & Dave.
5. Babbling nonsense portion of "Blue
    Moon" by, uh, uh, you know
6. Piano hook of "Just One Look" by
    Doris Troy, now familiar from TV ads.
7. Baseline from Chic's "Good Times," sampled by
    The Sugarhill Gang for "Rapper's
    Delight." A very similar riff forms the
    backbone of Queen's equally 
    recognizable "Another One Bites the "Dust"
8. "Duke Duke Duke Duke of Earl."
    That's Gene Chandler.
9.  Whistling portion of "Dock of the
     Bay" by Otis Redding.
10. Pounding piano intro to "I Feel The
      Earth Move" by Carole King.
There is no end to such threads. I haven't
even touched Chuck Berry, The Beach
Boys, or the guitar lick in "Walk This Way."

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