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Feedback: What a fun list!

Base: Music Discussion
Re: None Ten Second Top Fifty nominations (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 20:30:30 GMT
From: [email protected]

Here are my top ten ten-second blasts of pop. I know there are many more good ones. Lunar Module -Big Dipper, at the beginning. Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks, when Terry meets Julie Under My Thumb, Rolling stones, at the intro. Raw Power, Stooges, somebody's gotta save my soul. . Shake some Action, Flamin'Groovies Holidays in the Sun- Sex Pistols,the berlin wall. . Maggie May, Rod Stewart's adlibs and great bass playing at the end God Only Knows, Beach Boys. The first ten seconds. Pictures of Matchstick Men, the CVB version. The second ten seconds. September Girls, Big Star, where Alex Chilton sings, ooh when she makes love to me.

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