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Base: Music Discussion
Keywords: Noise Pollution
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:43:56 GMT
From: [email protected] (David Isaac)

March 26,1999

Finally, a site devoted to the topic of Muzak. Whether I am in a shopping mall in New York, or LA. I can hear the same 70's tune over and over again. To paraphrase a tune of the 70,s - It's a wonder that I can think at all. I have a theory that the Muzak Industry has been taken over by The One World Order Conspiracy to turn people into mind numb robots. Obviously I have my own taste in music, as does everyone else. I don't appreciate having mushy garbage forced upon my listening sensibilities continuously. Who is the brilliant marketing expert who concluded that Muzak helps worker productivity, or that shoppers desire it? Does anyone know of a small noise cancellation device that I could carry around with me when I enter shopping malls? I presently use ear plugs which only reduce the volumne. I have an idea- The same way that restaurants are desinated as smoke free -- why not have stores with a Muzak free designation - places where we can rest our weary minds from noise pollution !

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