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None: Brainwashed? No, just lack of rumor control.

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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:44:28 GMT
From: [email protected] (SB)

I work for Muzak as an Account Executive and I wish I had a dime for every time I heard that rumor. Talk directly to the horse (figure of speach) http//www.muzak.com

No subliminal messages, just "Stimulus Progression", the basic premise behind Muzak programing. Over the course of a normal day, worker efficiency goes through a series of "Peaks and Valleys". Two peaks per day starting around 9:30 ending at lunch then starting again around 2:30 ending just before 5.

By scientifically analyzing four musical elemwnts in each tune played (tempo, rhythm, instrumentation and orchestra size) programing can be accomblished. A numerical value is affixed to each of these mood-causing elements and, as the wlwments are varied and arranged, a desired level of musical stimulation is attained for each selection. Then, fire selectons are combined within each quarter hour of programming to five a stimulus which increases during the fifteen minute segmaen. This "build" in musical mood is called "stimulus progression".

Take one of the factors "tempo" for example, you can see the faster the tempo the faster the movement. Try sitting down to a romantic dinner with the lights down low with a fast tempo playing on the radio. Now try doing a fast dance with slow classical music playing in the background. Dosn't work hugh?

Well, that's the basics of Muzak's programming. There's much more detail involved, this is just the skimming of the top.

Most of this was taken form the "Basic Sales Skills Training Program"

Hope this helps.

S. B.

P.S. That same question got me involved with Muzak years ago. I asked the local Muzak franchise for some information on how music effects our moods to support a paper in college.

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