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Disagree: Typical "music critic"

Base: Music Discussion
Keywords: If you have nothing nice to say...
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 1996 17:27:04 GMT
From: [email protected] (tim frommer)
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Alexander Star is too reminiscent of today's rock music critics: 
he is so impressed with critiquing, he has nothing of value
to say. Why is it a surprise that a rock museum (an oxymoron
if I ever heard one) is staid? Rock is out there breaking new 
boundaries every day. Give a listen to just about any artist
on the labels K, Kill Rock Stars, Simple Machines or Touch-n-Go 
to get an idea of music that will never appear in a museum, 
but is damn influential.
A museum is a place to celebrate the iconographic and timeless.
So, do you prefer Neil Young ("Hey, hey, my, my rock and roll
will never die") or the Glimmer Twins ("I know it's only
rock and roll, but I like it")? Lighten up a bit and open
your ears a lot.

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