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On Music Discussion

Welcome to the Feedbag discussion group for the "On Music" topic. Right now, we're particularly interested in responses to Alexander Star's FEED Feature, "Monumental Rock." What are *your* thoughts on the new rock and roll hall of fame? Worried about what happens when rebellion goes institutional? What about the whole rock-as-Dionysian-ritual argument? FEED editors and contributors will be taking part in the discussion, so stay tuned...

The Editors

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1. no more programming of my mood ([email protected])
1. Feedback: Paean to Bill Gifford ([email protected])
2. Question: Anyone heard of TH Huxley (
3. Note: Monumental Muckraking (Ron Gustafson)
5. Disagree: djklskjdfklskjdfg (fgdfgsfdg)
6. None: Muzak on Demand (Bob)
3. Feedback: Muzak bad? (
1. None: where cAN i get brainwashed (adam past)
5. More: So ... does it work? ([email protected])
1. It Doesn't Have to Work (Ed Hiller)
2. None: walkmens in the work place (Carrie Ann Smith)
3. None: Untitled (Nigel Rodgers)
6. Question: Just an Old Fashioned... (
7. Question: Gifford on muzac (Knud Romer Jorgensen)
8. Running with the Devil (Tony Hubert)
9. Disagree: Typical "music critic" (tim frommer)
1. Steve Albini on selling out (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
10. Museum? (Issa Clubb)
1. the case for rock-as-ritual (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
2. Feedback: appropriate architecture? (Scott Parker)
11. None: Monumental Rock (Paul Ehrlich)
1. None: Unity through the acceptance of Punk Rock ([email protected])
12. None: Ten Second Top Fifty nominations (Steven Johnson -- FEED)
1. None: My Sharona (Holden Lewis)
2. Note: Take your pick. (Sam Pratt)
3. Idea: Let's hear the nominations (H L Smith)
4. None: SHAMON (voodooboy)
5. None: The Jingle that Haunts Me ([email protected])
6. Warning: Ignore at your peril (John Manville)
7. More: Don't forget these (Conifer)
8. None: Hot Rod Lincoln (Chris L.)
9. None: Quintessential drumroll (tom franks)
10. None: Born To Run (Matt Benzing)
11. Idea: "I Only Have Eyes For You" (Mark Ingebretsen)
12. None: Ten seconds 50 nominations.The good oldies (unbeaten so far?) (Maurits Verzele)
13. None: I Feel Fine (Marc Davis)
14. Warning: Sublime Rock (Phillip H. Snaith, Esquire)
15. None: "And the Cradle Will Rock," Van Halen (Michael Kaminer)
16. None: Off the Top ([email protected])
17. Feedback: Dire Wolf Grateful Dead ([email protected])
18. Idea: Triumph Of The Swill (Alice Castavet)
19. None: Tunes That Make My Cooze Itch (Kim Scheinberg)
20. News: All the best bits (Mike Pareene)
21. None: Untitled (kim)
22. Question: what about lets get crazy? ([email protected])
23. None: Present at the Creation. (Jack Lipkins)
25. None: Louie Louie et all
26. Feedback: What a fun list! ([email protected])
27. None: "You Really Got Me" (Don Brown)
28. None: A Hard Days Night & Strawberry FIelds ([email protected])
29. Question: What, No Beatles? (Peter Jones)
30. None: Matchbox ([email protected])
31. Feedback: The Song Remains the Same (AJ Barrett)
32. None: Wipe OUT ([email protected])
33. None: I Want You Back ([email protected])
34. Feedback: Is There Not A Brother Amongst Ye? ([email protected])
35. Feedback: Is There Not A Brother Amongst Ye? (Mark Matcho)
36. None: "couldn't i just tell you" by todd rundgren
37. None: Riff in Sunshine of Your Love (Van Garrett)
38. None: Phish--"You Enjoy Myself"--Junta--2:12-2:22 (Mike Harmon)
39. None: I'll bite... (Steve Hull)
40. None: "Paradise by the dashboard light"
41. None: Cypher in the Snow - Militia (Laura Hulse)
42. Note: Ten Second Top Fifty Nominations
43. None: Dearie me, no Stones??? (Sarah smith)
44. Idea: FUNKY WORM (amely greeven)
45. None: hey hey HEY! (boohab)
46. None: Present at the Creation III (Jack Lipkins)
47. None: Iron Man (John Abbott)
50. More: The 60s were better, and *that's that* (Dave Heasman)
52. Idea: greatest alltime cover :DEVO (john kennedy)
53. Feedback: my nominations (Justin Flavin)
54. None: another sucker weighs in (Joe Garden)
13. Idea: From the Lips of Momus
14. None: Black Dog by Zeppelin ([email protected])
16. Question: BRAIN WASHED AND BORED (David Isaac)
17. Angry: Untitled (Jason)
18. None: where can I download a muzak player? new
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