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Chris Perez's Net Worth

Chris Perez is an American musician, songwriter, and author. Chris is known for being the lead guitarist in the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. Also, he was married to the late “Queen of Tejano music,” Selena.

What Is Chris Perez’s Net Worth

Chris Perez’s net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2023. The popular singer and songwriter have built his net worth through constant work and determination.

Chris may not be as rich as Natti Natasha or Zach Bryan but he is regarded as one of America’s best guitarists. His playing precision accompanied by a sweet melody is undeniable.

Chris Perez’s Net Worth Annually

There are many figures associated with Chris Perez’s net worth. While some sites favor the $1 million net worth, others believe he has more than that as they claim he has a net worth ranging from $1 million to about $6 million.

Well, we can’t say for sure how much he earns every year. However, we can estimate his average earnings, using his sources of income.

As a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Chris earns from playing at shows and selling his songs. On average, a guitarist makes between $50k to $70k or more per year. This means that Chris may be earning within that range or even higher.

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How Did Chris Perez Get Rich?

Chris Perez has been putting in a lot of effort to make food music and earn a living. Today, his net worth is estimated at $1 million. It may be more or less but the point is that he got rich through hard work and dedication.

He plays on both public and private occasions. This is a great source of income for him as he has a large fan base that can pay anything to watch him play. Chris is also a songwriter and may have been actively writing his songs for other bands too.

Also as the husband to the late Selena Perez, he has received some money from her net worth. Selena was involved in real estate and she also had boutiques across Texas before she died.

Not to forget that Chris is a best-selling author. The book “To Selena with Love” has sold thousands of copies. This is no doubt, another great source of income for the musician.


Christopher Gilbert Pérez was born on August 14, 1969, in San Antonio, Texas, USA to Gilbert Pérez, a computer programmer, and Carmen Medina. His parents had a divorce when he was only four with his mom, remarrying four years after.

Young Chris Perez
Young Chris Perez

Perez loved music so much, even as a child. He started playing the guitar when he was only nine and today, he is the best at it.

Full Name: Christopher Gilbert Pérez
Stage Name: Chris Perez
Birth Place: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Birthday: August 14, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Age: 54 years
Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.7 m)
Marital Status: Divorced
Wife: Selena


Vanessa Villanueva


Parents Name:
  • Father: Gilbert Pérez
  • Mother: Carmen Medina
  • Noah Pérez
  • Cassie Pérez
Siblings: N/A
College: N/A
Profession: musician, guitarist, songwriter, and author
Popular for: Being the lead guitarist in the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos and Selena’s husband
Social Media Accounts:


Chris Perez’s career started when he was 17. He wanted to form his rock band in Los Angeles but at the same time, Tony Lare offered him the opportunity to join Shelly Kate’s band. After much consideration, he joined the band.

Reports say he only joined the band because of the money as he didn’t enjoy their kind of music. Anyways, he started writing songs as a musical director for the band. In 1989, Selena y Los Dino’s band needed a new guitarist as their guitarist left.

Owing to Chris Perez’s playing prowess at the time, A.B. Quintanilla picked him to become the band’s lead guitarist. However, he was kicked out of the band by Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla due to his relationship with her. He rejoined the band when they got married in 1992.

The band was dissolved in 1995 after Selena’s death. Selena was the lead singer and brought much game to the group at the time. Her death was a big loss to Tejano music worldwide.

After the band was dissolved, Chris formed his band known as Chris Perez. Chris worked so hard, writing songs for the band’s debut album and it was worth it. The album was titled, “Resurrection”. The album was a hit and won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album.

The band’s second album titled, ‘Una Noche Mas’ followed. However in 2002, the band disbanded. Aside from playing for Selena y Los Dino’s band, Chris has also worked with A.B. Quintanilla III in the musical groups Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All-Starz.

In 2010, he formed another band called the Chris Perez Project with Puerto Rican singer Angel Ferrer.

Chris is also an Author. He wrote the book, “To Selena, With Love” in 2012. The book is all about his love expressions for Selena. The book became a bestseller.


  • Grammy Awards for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album for the album, “Resurrection.”
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We do not have information on Chris Perez’s endorsement deals although we strongly believe that he has one or two deals with brands, considering his large Instagram fan base and overall popularity.

Personal Life

Chris got married to singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in 1992. The couple had been dating each other for a while but in secret due to Selena’s father’s disapproval. The two were so much in love but not for long.

Late Selena Perez, Chris Perez's first wife
Late Selena Perez, Chris Perez’s first wife

On the morning of March 31, 1995, Selena was shot dead with a 38 special revolver at the Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas. The medical team tried to revive her but she didn’t make it. The saddest thing is that the couple didn’t have a baby before her death.

In 2012, Chris wrote a book titled “To Selena, With Love.” The book told the story of their love life and it became a bestseller.

Before then, he had married American guitarist Vanessa Villanueva in 2001 but divorced in 2008. The union produced two children, Noah Pérez and Cassie Pérez.


Chris and Selena lived together in Corpus Christi’s Molina neighborhood before she died. Chris remained in the house for some years before moving out. Today, Chris lives in San Antonio.

So far, that’s all we know about Chris Perez’s house. We also do not have information about his car collection. Chris has managed to keep his personal life personal.


How Much Did Chris Pere Get From Selena’s Assets?

As the husband to the late Tejano queen, he is entitled to get a part of her assets. It is said that he signed an agreement to receive about 25% of the annual earnings from her real estate business.

Although reports show that he hasn’t been receiving the percentage as agreed on. He has received only about $3 million in total over the past 25 years when it should have been around $12 million already.

What Did Chris Perez Do after Selena’s Death?

Selena’s death was a bone-shattering incident for Chris. The two were so much in love and had hoped to live forever as a couple. Well, Chris resorted to healing through music.

He went on to form Chris Pérez Band, releasing singles and albums as well. His friends, John Garza, and former Selena keyboardist Joe Ojeda helped him through this hard time as they jointly formed the band.

How Old Were Chris Perez And Selena When They Got Married?

Selena and Chris got married at the age of 20 and 22 respectively. The young lovers had a secret wedding as Selena’s family was against the relationship.

In an interview, Chris explained that eloping and getting married in secret was the only way out. The Quintanilla family was furious but they couldn’t do anything after the news of their union spread everywhere.

How Much Does “To Selena With Love” Cost?

“To Selena with Love ” is a bestseller that has grossed thousands of sales worldwide. It is listed on Amazon for $12.79 for paperback and $232 for hardcover.

It is a great piece that portrays a lot of emotions. Chris wrote the book in 2012 to show the world how much he loved Selena and how good a person she was.

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