Craig Robinson Net Worth, Movies, Weight, Height

Craig Robinson Net Worth
Full Name Craig Philip Robinson
Nick Name Craig
Net Worth $6 million
Date of Birth October 25, 1971
Age 51 years old (in 2023)
Country of Origin United States
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, United States
Height 1.87m (6 ft 2″)
Source of Wealth Professional actor, comedian, and singer.
Wife Kelly Mccrum
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Social media Twitter
No. of Children 4

Craig Robinson is a famous African-American actor, musician, comedian, and singer. He is renowned for his portrayed role as Darryl Philbin from “The Office” movie. He was also featured in other shows and films like The Cleveland Show.

The comedian rose to stardom due to his role as Darryl Philbin on The Office: a show that lasted between 2005-2013. He was also famous for his role in Freight Train, where he portrayed LeVar “Freight Train” Brown on The Cleveland Show: a show that lasted for five years (2009–2013).

What Is Craig Robinson’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the African-American actor’s net worth has been estimated to be $6 million. He gained wealth from various activities such as shows, films, endorsements, and music.

He made his debut in the entertainment scene in 2004 when he featured in guest roles on Friends and other shows. His TV debut came a year later when he portrayed “Darryl Philbin.” His captivating performance secured him a position in “The Office,” – a show that ended in 2013.

He worked with Seth, a move that helped to grow his career. As a singer, he also knows how to play the piano, a skill he displayed at Walmart’s advertisement and endorsement event in December 2015.

If you have been enthusiastic about learning more about Craig Robinson, you are in the right place. This piece will focus more on the actor’s personal and early life, career, education, source of wealth/ net worth, achievements and awards, and everything you have wanted to know about the comedian.

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Earnings Overview

As of October 2022, the African-American actor is valued at $6 million. Over the years, the actor has made most of his fortune from different T.V. shows and other endorsements.

The actor got an endorsement with the New Orleans Saints for 2 years in 2019. This contract was valued to be $4.1 million. Other additional bonuses in the agreement include $1.3 million.

Craig also got a guarantee of $2.3 million as part of the contract. For any virtual appearance this actor makes, he makes about $25,000 to $50,000.

One of his shows, Funny Bone Comedy Club, Liberty Township, saw the actor earn $212 for a table for four. Shows have been the primary source of earnings for the comedian.

Early Life

Craig Robinson is a 51-year-old born in Chicago, IL. Born on October 25, 1971, the actor’s father was an attorney while his mother was a music teacher. Craig was raised on the Chicago Southern side as a Methodist.

Beyond his entertainment prowess, Craig was a player to beat in Ivy League history. He holds the award for being a two-time conference Player of the Year basketball player in Princeton as a student from 1979-83.

The actor is a sociology graduate who later earned an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

He was involved in a drunk-driving incident in 2006, which saw him go on probation. His arrest came because of driving under cocaine influence while also keeping other drugs. He finally gave up on drugs in 2017 when he made it public in a magazine.


Acting and comedy

Craig Robinson kick-started his acting and comedy career before college graduation. He started with stand-up and class-taking in improv, as well as acting at The Second City in Chicago.

Craig was featured in a couple of shows, such as Def Comedy Jam season 7, episode 2. He holds open-mic sessions in different places in the United States, such as N.Y., LA, and Chicago.

Craig won the regional comedy competitions, which brought him into the limelight. This achievement led him to feature on late T.V. shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In 2004, he was featured in shows such as episodes of Friends, The Bernie Mac Show, L.A.X., and Arrested Development. Craig’s role in these shows led him to take up minor roles in movies such as Pineapple Express and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

At the early start of 2005, Craig was featured in the American version of “The Office,” which was his first appearance in The Alliance,” the fourth episode of the first season where he acted as Darryl Philbin.

This performance led to his promotion as a starter in the fourth season, and the show lasted until 2013. Craig has been a host of many shows in 2010, including season seven of Last Comic Standing with judges Greg Giraldo. He was also featured in different T.V. shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Lucky, among others.


Craig and Jerry Minor both took part in comedy acts while the duo performed music together for some years. He was featured in many shows as a music performer.

However, the actor has a weak career even though he loves music so much. He is also a member of the band The Nasty Delicious. Furthermore, Craig was on the Hot Tub Time Machine soundtrack, among others.


Having attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, the comic actor bagged his undergraduate degree in 1994 from Illinois State University. Craig also shared his mother’s profession as a music teacher.

As a result, he was also a music teacher in many places, including Horace Mann Elementary School in Chicago. He proceeded to his Master’s program at Saint Xavier University, where he also bagged his Master of Education in Music.

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Craig had a fantastic family, even from birth. However, this continued even when he began raising his family too—Craig, the brother of the former U.S. President’s wife – Michelle Obama.

His first wife, Janis Robinson, had two children with the actor: Avery (son) and Leslie (daughter). However, the comedian married again in June 2006 to Kelly, who also had two sons, Austin and Aaron.

Craig Robinson’s Houses and Cars

Craig loves living the good life. After working for many years, the actor acquired one of the best houses and a nice car.

In 2020, Craig got a home in Tarzana, a suburban neighborhood in L.A., at a whooping sum of $2.6 million. The property provides the actor with a living space of up to 4,600 sq ft. It also features six bedrooms and full bathrooms.

The incredible thing about this property is its glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled wine closet that can take about 182 alcohol bottles.

Craig has a Super Auto Chevrolet Camaro- a convertible. The luxurious ride was estimated to be $6,900. He is fond of driving this car, primarily roofless, during summer.

Newest Videos and News About Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson’s latest videos and news have centered on him and his show. Here are some of the actor’s most recent moments.

Latest Videos:

Video 1: Craig Robinson Evacuated From North Carolina Comedy Club After Gunman Opened Fire

YouTube video

Video 2: Craig Robinson stars in the new series ‘Killing It’

YouTube video

Video 3: Craig Robinson’s Charlotte show halted after gun fired inside a comedy club

YouTube video

Craig Robinson’s Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Movies


The list is endless when it comes to the movies Craig has featured. Some of these include Hot Tub Time Machine (2010), End Pineapple Express (2008), Disaster of a Groom (2013), Morris From America (2016), and Shrek Forever (2010), among many other movies.


Craig is into little investing. However, the actor has a property in Tarzana, California has committed to hard work and resilience.


Craig has many endorsements. He signed an endorsement with Walmart in 2015 to promote the company’s store credit card. Four years later, the actor became meat producer Dietz & Watson spokesperson. He also featured in different commercials for the meat company.

Awards and Achievements

Craig has some awards and achievements to his name. The actor won the MTV Award in 2014 for the best musical moment in the movie “This Is The End.” He also won Sundance Film Festival’s special jury prize in 2016 for dramatic individual performance. He has also been nominated for several awards.

How Does Craig Robinson Spend His Money?

Craig is someone who doesn’t love to flaunt his wealth. The actor prefers to spend on a low and mostly on charity.

Although from a middle-class family, he continually gives back to the less privileged. The actor raised awareness about Alzheimer’s in 2018 by organizing a stand-up comedy.

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Craig Robinson’s Social Media Account

Craig dedicates less time to socializing on the internet. Although he has many followers on social networks, he prioritizes his privacy. He operates more on his Twitter handle.


Favorite Quotes from Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson has great humor. As such, his quotes touch on different aspects of life. These include:

“I am a Scorpio; I have different mood swings.”

“I think carrot top is hilarious.”

“Comedy chose me.”

“Nothing is guaranteed.”


Craig Robinson is an actor and comedian who has had an exciting career. With an estimated worth of $6 million, the actor may see his net worth increase in the coming years.

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