As of April 18th, we've begun the FEED Dialog on High-Tech Education, featuring David Niguidula, Judah Schwartz, Luther Williams, Eileen Barton, and Mardell Raney -- sponsored by Wired News. Be sure to post your thoughts on the digital classroom in our Feedbag discussion area. Here's an overview of the Dialog so far:

You can also read through our earlier Dialogs: The FEED Dialog on Women Icons, "Becoming Her," features Katha Pollitt, Bram Dijkstra, Nancy Friday, Hilton Als and Martha Sherrill. You can see an overview page here. Our Dialog on Interface Design, "Beyond the Desktop," features Bruce Tognazzini, S. Joy Mountford, Joe Belfiore and Mark Pesce, and is brought to you by NetObjects. We also have an overview of Beyond the Desktop, to ease your reading experience. Or visit our Dialog on Web Journalism, "Wiring the Fourth Estate." This Dialog, sponsored by, features Slate's Michael Kinsley, Word's Marisa Bowe, and HotWired's Gary Wolf. There's an overview here. In One Nation Underpaid, our panel of leading economists and policy wonks (Sheldon Danziger, William Dickens, Douglas Henwood and James Taranto) discuss wage stagnation and economic inequality in America. You can see an overview by clicking here. In "Prohibition and Its Discontents," leading drug policy analysts and activists (John Perry Barlow, Mark Kleiman, Imani Woods, Peter Cohen, and Ethan Nadelmann) discuss alternatives to the War on Drugs. For an overview, click here. The FEED Dialog on Virtual Communities -- "Public Life in Electropolis" -- features Howard Rheingold, Mark Slouka, Stacy Horn, and William Mitchell. You can see an overview by clicking here. And in our first Dialog, "Page Versus Pixel" Voyager's Bob Stein,techno-skeptic Sven Birkerts, and hypertext writers Michael Joyce and Carolyn Guyer discuss the cultural consequences of electronic text.