Difference Between No Location Found and Location Not Available

Difference Between No Location Found and Location Not Available

These problems can happen for several reasons, but the most common is that your location isn’t set on either device. To fix this issue, you need to enter settings and find remembered locations, or create an account with the maps store.

This blog will discuss the difference between no location and location not available. Keep reading to learn more.

Difference Between No Location and Location Not Available

When a user’s location is being sought through GPS, Find my Friends or iMessage may report that the user’s location isn’t available. However, in reality, the app is still actively searching for the user’s location.

Generally, when a phone loses service or is not connected to a wireless network, the “no location found” notification appears. Location not available means the GPS attempts to determine the phone’s location but has been unsuccessful.

How to Fix No Location Found

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You may use the Find My app or log in to icloud.com/find from any computer with an internet connection to access Find My.

It’s important to be able to track down your gadget on occasion. This feature might be useful if you misplace your smartphone and need to track it down.

Ensure The App is Set Up Properly

You’ll need to double-check the following parameters on your end and theirs to track down a buddy’s device. It’s recommended to toggle this setting off and on again if this is currently active.

Check your device’s Location Services and turn on the Find My option. If it has already been switched on, turn it off for a few seconds, then back on.

Additionally, if you’re using cellular data on your iPhone or iPad, turn on Find My. You must activate System Services to allow Find My iPhone/iPad and Share My Location.

Visit Apple’s System Status Page

If Find My is now unavailable, you may get the ‘No location found’ error. Assuming this is true, it can be easily verified.

A notification will appear if the Find My service is temporarily unavailable, and a green dot indicates that everything is functioning normally. To the extent that there are problems, Apple may be the cause.

Upgrade your Gadget

Check to verify that you are running the most recent version of software on your device. The Location Services app may have a broad problem that affects a subset of its users.

Reset the Location and Privacy Settings

If your problem still happens after you’ve tried the points above, you may try putting your Location and Privacy settings back to their original settings.

How to Fix Location Not Available

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Make Sure Your Web Connection Is Working

Checking your internet connection should be your first step if the Find My Friends app is acting strangely. Always check that the device you’re using to access your wireless network is within range of the network.

Check Their Settings

You can see whether your buddy has enabled the Share My Location feature with the Find My Friends app. Launching the app, touch on your profile picture at the bottom of the screen, and finally, toggle on “Share My Location” to correct the situation.

Ensure Your Friend hasn’t Disabled Location Services

If your friend is hard to locate, you may want to see if they’ve disabled their location services. Choose Privacy > Location Services > Find Friends in the Settings menu.

Verify Your Friend’s Activation to View My Friends

Your buddy must be logged in to Find My Friends before you can see their location. Within the Find My Friends app, you can see whether they are currently logged in.

Find Out If Find My Friends is Available in their Region or Country

Because of differences in legislation and infrastructure, the Find My Friends app is not accessible everywhere. There’s a chance the device isn’t able to access the app since it’s located in a country where it’s not yet accessible.

Update Time and Date for iPhone

If your friend’s device has the wrong date and time, Find My Friends won’t work. Therefore, you may ask your buddy to change the device’s date if you’re experiencing this issue.

You may verify and adjust the Time Zone by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. Find My Friends will resume regular operation after the iPhone has connected to a Wi-Fi network and the time and date have been updated.

Allow Sharing My Location

To use Find My Friends, you’ll need to turn on Share My Location in iCloud.

Reboot the iPhone

The location services of Find My Friends may be restored by simply restarting an iPhone. And here’s how you pull it off:

Hold the start button or any level button on iPhone X or after till the slide shows on the display. Press and hold the power button to pull up the slider on previous iPhones.

To power down, swipe the slider. After some time, try powering up the iPhone again to see whether the issue persists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “No Location Found” on Find My Friends mean?

When using the Find My iPhone app, if you consistently see the message “no location detected,” there may be a problem. The Find My iPhone app utilizes GPS and the location service; should a problem arise, you may adjust the software accordingly.

What causes my iPhone to indicate “Location Not Available”?

There are a few causes for your iPhone to report “Location not available.” You may have disabled the location services on your phone.

Why does iMessage indicate that the location is not available?

This is due to an enhanced privacy option in iOS that Apple has enabled. To use iMessage location sharing, you must disable this option.

How can I cover up my location?

You may cover your tracks in a few different ways. A VPN, or virtual private network, is one option.

Sites you browse won’t be able to determine your whereabouts since a secured bridge is established between your phone and the VPN server.

What signs would indicate that someone has stopped sharing their location?

You can detect if one has discontinued giving you updates on their whereabouts in a few different ways.

Generally, you may assume the individual has ceased sharing their whereabouts with you if their status on the application or phone stops updating or is inaccurate.

How can I temporarily hold my iPhone’s location?

This function may be quite helpful for locating places or obtaining directions. However, there are situations where you may not want people to be able to monitor your every step.

So, as a result, you may wish to temporarily freeze your whereabouts on your phone.

What does it mean when “Location Not Available” appears in My Find Friends App?

To stop this from occurring again, you must address its root causes. Here are some of the potential causes:

  • The date of your buddy’s iPhone may be off
  • The gadget your buddy uses can be off or disconnected from any network
  • Your acquaintance may have disabled the phone’s “Location Services” feature
  • Your pal may be located in a nation where Find My Friends is not yet accessible
  • If your buddy has turned on “Hide My Location,” the Find My Friends application might not even be able to locate them

How to restart an iPhone?

Go to the Settings page on your iPhone, and then choose General > Shut Down to force a restart. Once the display turns black, hold its Sides or Top key for a few moments till the Apple logo appears.

What happens when you turn on mark as lost for your device?

Apple support┬ásays that If your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac goes lost, you may remotely lock it with a password using the Mark as a Lost app. Additionally, you may monitor your device’s position and show a personalized message that includes your phone number on the Lock screen.

How to sign out of Find My Friends?

To sign out, you’ll need to go into the settings menu, scroll to the bottom, and click the sign-out button.

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