Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables

Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables

It is possible that at times you may end up with a vehicle that has a dead battery at some point. That is when you may hope to have the jumper cables. Without the cables, it becomes hard to have the car started and get going.

So, do cars come with jumper cables? One thing is for sure, you should not expect to get jumper cables as part of the standard car package. However, you can also request that the dealer adds the jumper cables as an add-on when purchasing the car.

In case you are buying a used car, then you will have to get your own jumper cables separately. Sometimes you can get the previous owner had already bought these cables.

Why did cars stop having jumper cables?

Why did cars stop having jumper cables

You might be thinking, if jumper cables are important for the car, why did the manufacturers stop including them when selling the car?

One thing you should know is that jumper cables in the car have always been an aftermarket accessory that people buy. It is only the high-end vehicles such as the Roll-Royce and Bentley that had such jumper cables.

Other than the jumper cables, such brands would also include more accessories such as reflectors, flashlights, wheel chocks, and more to help you get along in case of an accident or emergency.

How to handle a car that has no jumper cables

We have seen that jumper cables can be important accessories to have right now. However, what happens when you do not have jumper cables but you have a car with a dead battery?

Of course, the first option would be to call a friend living nearby. The aim is to have the friend come over with his car and the jumper cables to get you going.

If you were on the road already headed somewhere, there is the option of calling roadside assistance. The rescue team will come to your location fast so that you can get quick help and keep on driving.

There is nothing wrong with asking a stranger on the road. You could stop other motorists on the road and have them help you with jumpstarting the vehicle.

In case you have always had a problem with the battery in the car, consider getting a new battery or buying a new battery pack. The battery pack is mostly compact but will do a good job of jumpstarting the vehicle. Always keep your battery pack charged before heading out as you never know when it might come in handy.

Here is a video with details on how to tell you have a bad car battery

Using Jumper Cables on New Cars

Just because the new cars do not mostly come with jumpers, it does not mean you cannot use the cables on the car.

What you will notice is that these cars might have jump points under the hood in case the battery is in the back or hidden. Or else, you can still jump the car as any other car by attaching the jumper cables to the battery.

As much as you can jump the new cars, we recommend that you use the jumper cables correctly. These new cars have a wide range of electronics. So, each time you jumpstart the car wrongly, you may risk damaging some electronics.

Take the time to connect the jumper cables so that you avoid potentially shortcircuiting the electronics in the car.

Here is a video showing how you can connect the jumper cables to a new car battery or jump points.

Jumping the Car without Jumper Cables

Lacking the jumper cables does not mean you cannot jump-start the vehicle. Of course, borrowing from a friend or a stranger passing by might sometimes be uncomfortable. The remaining option is to stick to using a battery pack to jumpstart the car.

A battery pack does not need jumper cables to connect to the battery. It would come with its own cables attached making it easier to connect the battery pack to the car’s battery.

Another reason that would make you like the battery pack is that it features built-in systems to regulate the voltage coming into the car’s system. The aim is to avoid having voltage surges that would otherwise damage the car’s electronics.

So far you can see that a battery pack is a good investment. The good part is that they do not cost much. Just make sure you are buying from a top brand known for making quality battery packs that can serve you for long.

Get one with several features. An example is having a battery pack with a small air compressor too. This would help inflate the car’s tires too in addition to starting it.

Why are the Jumper Cables Getting Hot?

If you have used jumper cables before, you might have noticed that they can get hot at times. Why is this the case?

The most common reason would be that you have a loose connection. It is important to always have a strong connection to the battery. If you can get jumpers with clamps the better. The clamps will hold onto the batteries strongly to avoid loose connections.

It could be that you have poor jumper cables. The jumper cables have different amperage ratings. So, make sure you get jumper cables with higher amperage ratings to handle all the power transferring from one battery to another.

It could also be that your jumper cables are made of low-quality material. We understand that jumper cables with only 100% copper wires would be expensive, but it does not mean you go for the cheapest in the market. The most affordable cables are the copper-clad aluminum jumper cables but will do a good job.


Do cars usually have jumper cables?

Most cars do not come with jumper cables. You will have to buy them as accessories since they can be important to jumpstart the car when the need arises.

Can you start a car without jumper cables?

Yes. You can consider having a battery pack in the car. It will be a good choice for helping in starting the car when you cannot find jumper cables easily.

Will jump-starting another car drain your battery?

So long as you have connected it correctly, jumping another car does not drain the battery. Just make sure the proper connection is done before you start jumping the other car.

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