Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute

Calling your man “cute” is one of the nicest words of endearment or compliments you can give to him. Some people believe it’s overly soft, yet this isn’t always the case.

Guys can be just as charming and endearing as women. And they like it!

The Power and Importance of Compliments

There are several reasons you should call guys cute aside from breaking the underpinnings of toxic masculinity.

In a society wherein males are expected to be strong and emotionless, receiving such a compliment allows them to let down their guard.

Most of the praises males receive are subject to physical appearance. As a result, getting a compliment that they’re cute is unlikely.

When a guy is told that he is cute, he feels closer to that person, encouraging positive behavior that elicits that reaction from you.


How Does Calling Guys Cute Make Them Feel?

Compliments can be imperative in a relationship since they lose their impact if given too frequently. However, calling a guy cute is usually something new and unexpected.

As a result, it comes with the potential to make them feel cherished. When you tell a guy they’re cute, they become vulnerable in front of you.

It implies that some aspects of their behavior are more endearing than typical tough-guy behavior.

Doing something cute has a stronger emotional than sexual component. Guys feel loved by you when such behavior receives recognition in the form of a compliment.

Choose not to tease or criticize them for what they are doing or who they are.

How Do You Compliment A Guy That He’s Cute?

Body Language

Use genuine body language to show your interest in a guy. Gently stroke his arm as he’s chatting. When making a joke, wink at him or focus on him longer than required.

Dr. Laura Berman, a dating expert, recommends keeping your body language open and easygoing.

Direct Approach

Being daring can be beneficial. Tell the guy you’re interested in that you think he’s cute, or work it into the conversation if you’re with friends.

Tech Approach

If you can’t bring yourself to tell a guy that he’s cute face-to-face, use one of the many technology tools available to you.

According to Penn State, people are more straightforward when communicating through technology. Think about texting him or sending him a message on social media with the complement.

What Are Some Tips To A Successful Delivery of Calling Him Cute?

People can typically sense when someone isn’t being completely honest regarding compliments. Don’t exaggerate details, make jokes, and most importantly, don’t lie.

The complement must contain some truth and be offered real and sincere.

Generic praises are fine but suggest something specific to make him appreciate what you’ve said. It provides him with something to concentrate on.

If all you say is how nice he looks, he won’t know what you think is particularly cute.

If you know a guy puts a lot of effort into something, you can be sure he’ll appreciate it if you compliment him. It also has something to do with a skill or trait he is proud of, such as humor, talent, or cooking skills.

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