Do Manual Cars Have Cruise Control?

Do Manual Cars Have Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great feature of a car. Especially if you want to hit the highway.

If you have a manual transmission vehicle, you may want to know if your car has cruise control. Because many people do not know this thing.

Are you going to drive on a highway? Do you want to know if your manual car has cruise control or not?

If that is your question, then this article will give you some answers. Do manual cars have cruise control?

The answer is yes. Manual cars have cruise control.

Most manual transmission vehicles come with adaptive cruise control. It may not be the same as the cruise control in automatic vehicles.

But yes, there is cruise control in manual transmission vehicles. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a standard feature for new manual vehicles.

It is safely engaged in your vehicle. The first difference between cruise control in manual cars is that when you press the clutch, it is programmed to disengage.

You have to turn it on if you have to switch gears. The second difference is that it will be disengaged when the RPM (revolutions per minute) will get too low or too high.

If you are safely engaged, cruise control can be an excellent feature of the car. You will not have the unnecessary stress that you can have on long car rides.

But you should know how you can engage cruise control in your car. This is vital so that you can operate the car safely.

If you want to know more about cruise controls in manual cars, you can watch the following video:

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What is Cruise Control In a Car?

The cruise control is the electronic feature of a car that keeps the accelerator to give the best speed even if your foot is not on the gas pedal.

When you have a manual car, you are required to manually press the clutch pedal and shift gears as needed. But having cruise control can benefit you when you are on a highway.

You only have to use one gear the whole time. Much even better if you will use adaptive cruise control.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) has replaced the standard cruise control. It may work the same but with better smart speed management.

You can speed up or slow down whenever you want. Thus, you can prevent accidents from happening.

Nowadays, many vehicles are made with adaptive cruise control as a standard feature. This feature can help you to keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Features of Adaptive Cruise Control in Manual Cars

  • It automatically turns off if the RPM is too low.
  • It can detect slow traffic ahead.
  • It disengages when the RPM is too high or too low.
  • It will turn on after you have shifted your gears.
  • It disengages every time you press the clutch.

How Does Cruise Control Work?

How Does Cruise Control Work

Cruise control can make the driver control the vehicle’s speed. Instead of hitting the accelerator pedal, you can use a system that can keep the speed of your car.

The accelerator can be controlled by a cable. This can be found in older cars.

The cruise control can adjust the speed of the vehicle by engaging the throttle valve. The throttle will be helped by an actuator that is connected to the cable.

The power and speed of the engine are generated by the throttle valve. So, the driver can adjust the throttle depending on the speed that he or she wants.

But because of technology, the cruise controls in modern cars are electronic. Sensors are connected to a computer or ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

These sensors made up the system that communicates with the throttle. Just set a speed and the ECU will dictate the throttle position.

Thus, you can get the speed that you want. You can adjust the throttle in different road conditions.

How to Use Cruise Control

You may want to know how to use cruise control. But you must understand that it is not intended for bad weather conditions.

Cruising speeds are not good when it is raining heavily. It will be unsafe for you to drive at that speed.

So be aware of the weather condition before using the cruise control system. Now that you have known the precaution, you may want to learn the steps on how to use cruise control.

Have the following steps:

  1. Accelerate your car to build up speed. Just do not go over the speed limit of the highway.
  2. Activate cruise control when you get the speed that you want. Press the activation button on the steering wheel.
  3. Remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. The car can keep the cruising speed if you have activated the cruise control appropriately.
  4. Watch out because the car will accelerate automatically.
  5. Press the ‘+’ button if you want to engage the cruise control.
  6. Press the ‘-’ button if you want to decelerate. Tapping the brake pedal will also do the trick.

If you want to learn more about how to use cruise control, you can watch the following video:

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Pros and Cons of Cruise Control

You can have convenience when driving with cruise control. You can also have safety.

But with every advantage, cruise controls have also disadvantages. Have the following to learn the pros and cons of cruise controls:


● Good for Automatic Cars

Cruise controls are the best for automatic cars. You do not have to worry about changing gears.

It works well to have the cruising speed that you want. You just need to have your focus on the steering wheel.

● You Can Use It Just with a Click of the Button

You do not have to use the accelerator or the brake pedal to increase or decrease your speed. You just have to click the button and you can instantly change speed.

However, if you are not used to using the buttons, you may feel unnatural at the start. But through practice, everything will be easy for you.

● Driving at the Speed Limit

It can be hard to maintain the speed limit on a highway. Cruise control can enable you to have the speed limit that you need.

The system will do the work. It will not let the car go over the speed limit.

● Improves Fuel Economy

The engine can run at constant RPMs. Thus, it can consume less fuel.

So, when you need to drive on a highway, the fuel economy can be improved by the cruise control system.

● Less Driver Fatigue

Because you do not have to press on the accelerator pedal, you will not experience fatigue. All you have to do is press the buttons.


● Not Good with Manual Cars

You must know that cruise control does not work well with manual cars. You always have to change gears.

While you can have better acceleration and deceleration, you have to shift the gears manually. The process can be irritating to you.

● Cannot Use It at Night

You cannot use cruise controls at night. It is because the visibility is poor.

You can only use them in daylight when there is good visibility.

● Can Bring Drowsiness

If you use cruise control for a long time, it may bring drowsiness to you. You may not have your alertness level.

To avoid this, you should manually control your vehicle for a time. Let’s say every 10-15 minutes.

The Difference Between Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control
The speed is set by the driver. It is kept automatically. You can keep a constant speed according to the speed of other vehicles.
You cannot calculate the speed and distance of other vehicles. Thus, the speed is not reduced or increased automatically. You can calculate the speed and distance of other vehicles. Thus, the speed is reduced or increased depending on the vehicles ahead of you.
Use sensors to compute the throttle position. Use radars to compute the speed and distance of the vehicles ahead of you.
It is good for high-speed cruising, especially on highways. It is good when there is slow-moving traffic.
It is standard in most cars except the new models. It is standard in modern cars.

Is There a Low-Speed Follow in Manual Cars?

Is There a Low-Speed Follow in Manual Cars

Low-speed follow is a feature that can be found in automatic vehicles with the best cruise control. It will require a lot of shifting if it will be placed in a manual car.

The cruise will have to turn itself off every time you have a shift. Manual cars can have cruise control, but they cannot have a low-speed follow.


Is Clutch Used in Cruise Control?

Yes, cruise control has a clutch release switch. The most important one is the clutch pedal which is commonly used by drivers in normal operation.

Is There a Better Gas Mileage on Using Manual Cars?

In manual transmissions, gas mileage is improved by 2 to 5 mpg. You can cut the car’s price by $800 to $1200.

By using manual transmission, acceleration is also improved.

Will You Use More Fuel in Having Cruise Control?

Yes, you will use more fuel on cruise control. But you can be fuel-efficient and save about 7-14% on gas.

This is because of its capacity to keep continuous speed. Though, acceleration and deceleration while having cruise control can eat more gas.

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