Do Messages Deliver When Phone Is Dead?

Do Messages Deliver When Phone Is Dead

When a text message is sent while the recipient’s phone is turned off, the recipient cannot receive it until the phone is turned on and connected to a cellular network.

Sending An iMessage To A Dead Phone

Tutorial of using iMessage for Beginners

iMessage is a fantastic texting program for iPhone users, with one limitation being that it is only available on Apple devices.

The iMessage features include read receipts, delivery notifications, support for media files, emoticons, and Apple’s emojis.

Normally, it will not offer you the delivered prompt if the recipient’s phone is turned off or dead.

An iMessage message must meet three criteria in order to be marked as delivered, and these three criteria are as follows:

  • The phone of the recipient should be turned on.
  • The recipient’s phone must have iMessage turned on.
  • An active internet connection is required on the receiving phone.

How Is An iMessage Sent?

How to Send iMessages

This video explains how to send an iMessage to a fellow Apple device user. There are a few steps involved in sending an iMessage, and these steps are:

  1. Tap the message icon.
  2. Tap the button located at the top right corner of your phone.
  3. Type in the name of the contact you will send your message to.
  4. Type in your message.
  5. Tap the blue arrow button beside your text to send the iMessage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive text messages if my phone is turned off?

No, that is not the case. If the phone is switched off or does not have an active cellular signal or even a SIM card, you won’t be able to receive text messages.

However, you will receive the texts because Google voice text messages use the internet rather than cellular network service.

How to Switch Back to iMessage from Text Message on iPhone

What if I receive an SMS while my phone is turned off?

The text messages will not be delivered until the phone is turned on when it is off.

Messages can be sent to the phone, but they will not be delivered because the phone is turned off and does not have cellular network coverage.

If a SIM card isn’t used, does it expire?

SIM cards are a significant part of our lives, as many individuals cannot function without them.

To make or receive phone calls, send or receive text messages, get bank account notifications, or even browse the internet.

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