Do Teslas Have A Check Engine Light

do teslas have a check engine light

There has been an increase in the number of electric vehicles in the market right now. We all know how Tesla made it possible for even the big car manufacturers to think electric too. However, people might also ask, do Teslas have a check engine light?

This is because they are used to having a check engine light in their internal combustion engines.

Well, the simple answer is NO. Teslas do not have engines thus the reason you do not get a check engine light in a Tesla. Being electric, such cars only have electric motors plus a large battery pack to power the vehicle.

What does a check engine light mean?

What Does A Check Engine Light Mean

If you own a car with an engine, there is no doubt you have come across the check engine light at some point.

This is a warning light that helps you know there is a problem with the engine or the emissions system. The most common problems that trigger the check engine light in vehicles include faulty spark plugs, a damaged oxygen sensor, a missing catalytic converter, and others reasons.

When this light comes on, it is best to have a proper mechanic look at it to make the right repairs and keep the engine in the right health for the best performance.

The light can vary from yellow to red in color depending on how severe the problem is and the car model. Whichever the case, always take it seriously to ensure you have a good working engine all the time.

Here is a video on how to diagnose the car after a check engine light shows up on the dashboard.

Do Electric Cars Come With Check Engine Lights?

Electric cars such as Teslas are different in how they get their power. They rely on using motors powered by a huge battery pack to drive the car. As you can see, they will not have an engine.

With the lack of an engine, there is no point in having a check engine light in Tesla and other electric vehicles.

However, how would you tell there is a problem with the motors or battery pack?

Of course, there is the need for an equivalent check engine light in the electric vehicle too. That is why Tesla can display warning messages about the vehicle on the touchscreen in case there is a problem.

Even though these electric companies are yet to have a standardized check engine light version, you can always be sure to be notified on the car’s screens in case there is a problem with the motors or battery that need addressing.

Tesla Indicator Lights

Tesla Indicator Lights

Since we have established that Tesla does not have a check engine light, what would be the other ways of knowing that there is a problem with the car?

Tesla features indicator lights that you should note each time you are driving the car for you to address them better. We look at some of them below.

  • A red brake indicator light means there is a fault in the braking system or the car’s brake fluid level is too low
  • A yellow brake light means there is a fault with the brake booster
  • The ABS light means there is a fault with the anti-lock braking system and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • A yellow parking brake light means that the parking brake has a fault while a red parking brake light means your parking brake has been applied manually.
  • A tire pressure warning can mean that your tire pressure is no longer within the recommended range. Make sure to check the tire pressure of the tires and adjust them correctly.

There are many other Tesla indicator lights that we have not listed. What is important is that you always take note of the lights and have them addressed in case of faults.

Here is a video explaining more about the Tesla indicator lights.


What can trigger the check engine light?

Several problems with the car can lead to having the check engine light. It could be your spark plugs, faulty sensors, and more. Have the car plugged into a diagnostics machine to understand what could be the issue.

How do Teslas help you know there are faults with the car?

Teslas have several indicator lights that come on when there is a problem with the car. Such include faulty brakes, low brake fluid, faulty parking brakes, and more. Always have them addressed as soon as possible to keep enjoying the car.

Are electric cars reliable?

This one can depend on a specific electric car. They are all built differently with some being more reliable than others. What is important is that you always have it repaired of any faults before they become a big issue. Since they do not have engines, it means you have fewer parts that can go wrong.

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