In the new FEED Document, "Hype and Hypocrisy," David Greenberg, Ellen Willis, Matthew Rees, and Laura Ingraham examine the new practice of book-based campaigning. We begin with a few general comments, and then move on to a close reading of passages from Clinton's Between Hope and History, and the Dole/Kemp book, Trusting the People. As always, we encourage you to post your comments in our discussion area; we'll excerpt the best of your responses in the left-hand margin.
Previous Documents: In "Decency Reconsidered" we've posted excerpts of the decision which declared the CDA unconstitutional and annotations by L.A. Times columnist and FEED Contributing Editor Gary Chapman, Senator James Exon, The New Republic's Jeffrey Rosen, and Bruce Taylor, President of the National Law Center for the Children and Families. Click here to see an overview with quotations from each commentary. In "Unplugging Bill Gates" Release 1.0's Jerry Michalski, New York Times columnist Denise Caruso, and acclaimed author Mark Slouka annotate excerpts from "The Road Ahead." Also on the site is our re-print of the Progress and Freedom Foundation's cyber- manifesto, The Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age, featuring a crack team of commentators, ranging across the political spectrum, guiding you through the consequences and contradictions of the Tofflerite vision.