Does A Muffler Delete Help Performance

Does A Muffler Delete Help Performance

Mufflers are built to help silence the sound that comes from the car thus the reason it is an important part of the car’s exhaust system.

A muffler delete is not the best way to improve performance as the muffler itself has nothing to do with performance.

When it comes to muffler delete, it simply means you are removing the car’s muffler to gain more sound output. That is why some people might consider doing it.

If you love loud cars, that is one way of doing it, however, it might get boring fast as the car is always loud. The worst can be when it is your daily car.

Mufflers Types

Below are some of the top muffler types for you to know before having them deleted from the exhaust system.

  • Multiple-baffle mufflers

This kind of muffler comes with holes in the walls where the emissions get out of the exhaust system. Because of the multiple baffles, this muffler type tends to be great at keeping the engine noise down.

The only downside to having this type of muffler would be its restrictiveness. You can see why someone would have it deleted.

  • Turbo mufflers/silencers

This type of muffler is also restrictive. It works by guiding the airflow through a path where emissions as passed through a silencer before getting out through the tailpipe.

The design is quite efficient in minimizing engine noise but having a restrictive design leads to poor airflow in the exhaust system.

  • Straight-through mufflers

Do not confuse it with the straight-through exhaust systems which are quite loud. In this case, there is a perforated tube that allows the emissions released silently.

The good thing about these mufflers should that they do not have too much airflow restriction.

  • Performance mufflers

The performance mufflers stand out for being the best in the market. They have a resonating chamber which makes the car’s engine noise deeper and more aggressive. That is why you can consider them rather than having a muffler delete.

Should you consider having a muffler deleted?

Muffler Delete Help Performance

The main reason a person would want a muffler delete is because they want to increase the sound coming out of their car. However, what of performance?

Muffler delete does not have much to do with performance. As much as some people believe muffler delete adds more horsepower, that is not the case. You may increase horsepower by only 2 to 5 horsepower, but that is it.

Also, muffler delete will not do much for your gas mileage. Just because the engine is less restrictive right now, it does not mean you have a great fuel economy.

Some even think muffler delete helps with reducing the weight of the car. However, such a weight change is also negligible. The car would still feel the same while driving.

Another thing would be that you can easily be arrested sometimes because of excessively loud noises. So, you should consider all these aspects before you can decide to consider muffler delete.

Here is a video on how to do a muffler delete

Muffler Delete Cost

The cost can be a factor that determines if you should get a muffler delete or not. There are a number of things that can determine the cost including the type of vehicle, location, and buying new parts too.

The average price for a muffler delete is $100 to $200. This is when a professional is doing it. In case you decide to do it as a DIY, expect to spend around $100 on parts only.

Benefits of Muffler Delete

Even if you may face some legal issues, there are still some potential benefits of actually having a muffler delete. They include;

  • A muffler delete would lead to having reduced backpressure. This is because there is more free flow of air. You can just say this for older cars. Newer models are built to be better and airflow even with the muffler on.
  • The overall vehicle performance is also great if the exhaust gases are removed as fast as possible. It may not be the most noticeable, but we can consider it as one of the reasons for a muffler delete.
  • Having an aggressive sound from the exhaust would be the most common reason for muffler delete. There are those who love aggressive sounds as it excites them.

Here is a video with the pros and cons of muffler delete


Is a muffler delete bad for your car?

In most cases, you will only be changing how the loudness of the sound. So, it comes down to what you like. If you love loud exhaust, then it can be good for you.

Does muffler delete get you into trouble?

It can potentially get you into trouble with the police if the exhaust sound is too loud. Ensure you understand the laws in your area before doing a muffler delete.

Is a straight pipe the same as a muffler delete?

They might have similar results, but they are different. In a straight pipe, the muffler and catalytic converter are removed. As for muffler delete, it is only the muffler that is removed.

How much horsepower does muffler delete add to your engine?

Not much. Expect an increase of 1 to 5 horsepower alone. Even the driver would not feel the difference in power.

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