Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Does Planet Fitness have showers? Fortunately for you, they have shower rooms, so you can spare everyone who has to be around you after working out.

After breaking a sweat at the gym, you’ll need a safe place to freshen up and wash the sweat off. This is why it’s important to know what amenities your gym offers.

What Do The Showers At Planet Fitness Look Like?

Check out this video that takes you on a virtual tour with Teddy to get an idea of what your time at Planet Fitness will be like in what they call their judgment-free zone.

You’ll get to see what planet fitness is all about and how to get the most out of your membership. The video also shows you what their showers, as well as the workout area, look like.

Take a Virtual Tour of Planet Fitness with Teddy


Are the showers available to all?

Yes, all Planet Fitness locations offer showers available to members. Each facility has private showers with shower curtains and clean, roomy locker rooms.

Planet Fitness provides separate locker rooms and shower facilities for men and women and individual stalls with full-length shower curtains for maximum privacy. Of course, Planet Fitness personnel cleans the showers regularly.

Do they provide towels and toiletries?

Members will need to bring their toiletries because Planet Fitness does not usually provide soap or towels. So if you plan on freshening up in their shower rooms, you’ll have to bring your own.

You can, however, purchase a branded Planet Fitness towel from them if you want one or forget yours.

What are the locker rooms like?

The locker rooms have full- and half-length lockers available to members, but you’ll have to provide your own lock. Members can only utilize lockers when they are present at the facility.

You cannot rent lockers from Planet Fitness for a long period, so don’t leave your belongings in the lockers for the next time you visit.

Where does a NOMAD Shower?? PLANET FITNESS.. Helpful Details!

What Are the Planet Fitness Shower Rules?

While there’s no mention of the exact guidelines for showering on their official website, there should be signs posted near the showers informing visitors of good shower etiquette.

Most of the regulations boil down to being courteous and using common sense.

For example, it is critical to protect people’s privacy in any public facility, especially showers. This involves the ability for each person to feel comfortable and shower discreetly and respect each person’s possessions while showering.

It’s not acceptable to search through other people’s stuff while they are showering. If you get out of the shower and realize you’ve forgotten something, Planet Fitness can help but bear in mind that they’re not liable for any lost/stolen items.

Another regulation you might encounter at your local Planet Fitness showers, in addition to privacy, is efficiency. To put it another way, get in and get out. This is true of the showers as well as the locker room as a whole

If someone waits too long near the showers, it might make people feel uneasy. It is also disrespectful to other people, as they may be waiting to use the shower you are now using.

This is why most guidelines stipulate that you should get in the shower, do your business, and then leave.

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