On the Feedline this fall: Tom Perrotta digs up the twisted roots of the 1960s myth in "Bad Vibrations," a new Pop Frontier article. Also, Rick Perlstein reports on the thorny relationship between labor and academia in "Labor of Love." Paulina Borsook takes a look at the rise of fiscal Darwinism in "Bionomics 101." J.J. Gifford explains the significance of the latest video game craze in "Quake Tectonics." And in "The Thinkers," Austin Bunn looks at Washington's conservative brain trust. If you haven't already, be sure to find out more information about becoming an official FEED reader.

For those of you who missed summer in the Feedline: David Greenberg looks at the new rhetoric of tolerance and how the abortion issue has loosened up the GOP in "Whatever Politics." Gary Chapman explains the latest academic scandal in "The Sokal Affair." Mary Granfield critiques the hysteria surrounding child sexuality in "The Molester Within." FEED Editor Steven Johnson takes in Mission: Impossible and mourns the passing of the classic conspiracy flick in "Paranoid's Delight."