How Long Does An Inactive Instagram Account Last?

How Long Does An Inactive Instagram Account Last

Does Instagram Automatically Delete Inactive Instagram Account?

It is true that Instagram automatically deletes accounts and profiles that have been inactive for an extended period. What they don’t state is how long that time is exactly.

There has been a trend with deleted and suspended inactive accounts. A rough estimate is that 1 to 2 years of Instagram inactivity may lead to the account disappearing.

How to avoid being an Inactive account?

It is very easy to maintain your account. You just have to engage in any type of activity on Instagram, and that’s it.

Inactive accounts are the ones that do not get logged into and are unattended. Once you log in to your Instagram account, that is considered activity already.

Even if you don’t post photos, videos, and stories, your account can still be tagged as active. You can view, like, comment, and message other people.

If you aren’t a fan of using Instagram but would like to keep your account, make sure you log in from time to time to prevent its deletion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retrieve a deleted Instagram account?

It is impossible to retrieve an Instagram account once it has been deleted. The user has to sign up for a new account, but she can still use the same username and password.

What can be retrieved are deactivated accounts. Instagram deactivates accounts that didn’t show any signs of activity for 30 days.

After the account’s deactivation, Instagram deletes the profile after 5 to 10 days of continued inactivity. The user can retrieve this account before it’s deleted forever by simply logging into the account.

Other ways to prevent Inactivity

A good way to prevent inactivity is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. When other people follow you, like your post, or comment on it, that is considered activity.

Linking it will also post your Facebook MyDay as an Instagram story. You don’t have to go on both apps to post, just one of them.

How long does creating an Instagram account take?

You can actually have an Instagram account up and running in a matter of minutes. There are many ways you can create an account.

You can use your Facebook, email, and even your phone number to create an account. It can be done from the phone as well; no need for computers or laptops.


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