How Long Does It Take to Delete an Instagram Account?

How Long Does It Take to Delete an Instagram Account

If you want to quit Instagram, have you ever wondered how long it takes to delete your account on that platform? You’ll eventually find out how long it takes to delete your Instagram account as you read on.

Basic Information on Deleting Your Instagram Account

There are two ways you can delete an Instagram account. You can either permanently delete your account and everything integrated with it, or you can only temporarily disable it.

Generally, you can only permanently delete your Instagram account using the app on mobile and desktop browsers. Before your account information disappears for a lifetime, Instagram temporarily makes your account’s data invisible for 30 days.

Don’t let your temporary frustrations get to you. So, don’t be impulsive when deleting or temporarily disabling your Instagram account.

It’s a hassle to create another Instagram account. When the time comes, you might need to return to this social media platform.

You may regret making an impulsive decision down the road when it’s already too late to rectify it.

How to Delete An Instagram Account Permanently or Temporarily Disable It

Click on the “Delete Your Instagram Account” Page on your browser or app. After logging in to your account on Instagram, you can go to the said page.

From the drop-down menu field on the page, choose a reason why you want to delete your Instagram account. Click or tap on the “Delete” button to confirm the removal of your Instagram account.

Disabling your Instagram logs your account out and hides your profile from the visibility of your followers and the general public. However, you can reinstate your account at any point in time that it’s temporarily disabled by just logging back in.

Log in to your Instagram account from a browser, either on a mobile or desktop device. In the upper right-hand corner, click the “profile icon.”

After that, click the “profile” button, then choose “edit profile.” Scroll down the screen so you can click “temporarily disable my account,” situated at the right of the “submit” button.

Select your reason for performing such action from the drop-down menu on the next page. Finally, re-enter your account’s password, and click “temporarily disable the account.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Instagram account get deleted after 30 days of its cancellation?

Yes. However, you can reinstate your account or cancel it within those 30 days that you log back into your Instagram account.

What will happen to your direct messages (DM’s) chat history after deactivating your Instagram account?

You can see your direct messages while your account is temporarily disabled. But, you can only send and receive messages after you reactivate your account.

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Yes, but only accounts that fit certain eligibility for deletion.

How long can I keep my Instagram profile temporarily disabled?

You can keep it temporarily disabled for as long as possible without losing your data.

What happens if Instagram disables your profile for 30 days?

Users can appeal to the social media platform’s decision to delete or disable their profiles within those 30 days of disabling or deletion.

How can I get my Instagram account back?

You can’t get your Instagram account and username you already deleted. But, if you temporarily disable your account, you can recover it at any time.

Does the DM chat history get deleted after the deactivation of your Instagram account?

Your chat history will be visible from the recipients’ end. But, your profile picture and the link to it will not be.

Is the messenger on Facebook and Instagram the same?

Meta runs both Facebook and Instagram. You can use Facebook’s messenger to access Instagram’s messenger and vice versa.

Is it safe to send photos on Instagram?

When Instagram users DM each other, they face the same risks because there is no end-to-end encryption. No amount of clever Messenger integration with the photo and video sharing platform will change that.

What are Instagram guidelines?

Violent threats, hate speech, and the targeting of private individuals are all removed from Instagram. Generally, they do not tolerate violence or abuse related to race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, handicap, or sickness.

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