How loud is a 5.56 round?

How loud is a 5.56 round

5.56 round is the U.S military standard small arms round that has a green tip and spitzer boat-tail bullet.

This is a much-preferred round than other types of rounds because you can carry more ammo, weigh less, and has a much more improved penetration thus, much more accurate.

Blast from the Past

Before the U.S military switched to using 5.56mm, there was 7.62mm. In the year 1954, the U.S military started using the 7.62mm because it was powerful and accurate thus, being the best choice of rounds at the time.

But due to the expensive nature of these rounds, plus being heavy and having issues with their recoil, the military had to make a drastic choice to switch up their ammo.

This is where they decided to use the .223 caliber design which is also known as the 5.56mm ammo. It is much cheaper, lighter, and less recoil than their previous ammo.

Ever since the 1960s, the military chose this round over 7.62mm. Now, the 5.56mm ammo has been used by the military for almost 60 years.

To know more about the details of why the U.S military has chosen the 5.56mm ammo over the 7.62mm ammo, watch this video below.

Its Usage

The 5.56mm is mostly used in rifles and machine guns like M16A2, M4, and M249.

Sound Level and the Reasons Behind it

But how loud is this kind of round? Well, the sound level of a round may differ depending on the barrel length used.

A 5.56 round can range from 162.5 – 165.1 dB. The reason for its loudness is the travel speed and the muzzle devices like the muzzle brake.

The muzzle brake is there to feel less recoil when the round is fired. Another reason why it is so loud is because of the burn rate of the propellant powder.

The Real Sound of a 5.56mm

Are you curious as to what a 5.56mm sounds like? Click the video below to find out what it sounds like.


Is 5.56mm better than 7.62mm?

5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds vastly different in different aspects. 5.56mm is a lot cheaper than the latter. It also weighs less thus; you can carry more ammo than ever. 5.56mm creates less recoil as well.

On the other hand, 7.62mm has an edge when it comes to range, power, and penetration. It is also much bigger than the 5.56mm round but it is more expensive and has issues with its recoil.

In short, the battle in which round is better is solely based on the user and their preferences. If you do not bother spending a bit more for the performance then, the 7.62 mm is better.

If you want a budget-friendly round and more on the gentler side, chose the 5.56mm round.

How far a 5.56mm round can travel?

This depends on the firearm used. If you are using a Carbine the bullet can travel 547 yards. But if you are using a Rifle, the bullet can travel 602 yards.

What are the other names of the 5.56 round?

The other names of the 5.56 round are 5.56mm M885 round and 5.56 x 45mm NATO.

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